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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Take the coating off the candy, please!!!

  As I sit here, alone in the quiet house, all I can hear is the sound of the fish tank filtering the water, it is so peaceful, so relaxing!
 I wish I could stay locked away in here forever, but the reality is, this is an ever so brief minute of my day! And all those brief minutes of your day, combined makes up your entire day!
 I don't know about you, but, when 1 bad thing happens, it starts a rippling affect and they just keep on coming, it seems like my life have been this way for the better part of a month now.
 I don't want to keep repeating, but, yesterdays blogs were about Jenn's sweet 16 party, last night, we finally got some answers, seems her 2 older siblings are jealous, and don't think she deserves a party. Granted, Jennifer is NOT a perfect child, but, who is? She is an honor roll student, she is going to college for her Jr & Sr years, in HS, and is involved in a scholarship program, Is in a few AP classes, and is also a cheerleader. She is honest with me, may not always agree with her, but, I raised her to be honest with me, and she has been.Her siblings, are in their mid  to late 20's and I really think It is time to bury this resentment they have towards her! When they were growing up, we always made sure they had the money they needed to do outside stuff.
 You hurt my baby, you hurt me, and I am very hurt about how they are treating Jennifer, it is NOT right, or you know my parents are not speaking to me either, so I am very BLAH
 Right now, my oldest Daniel & his girlfriend Jess are coming, Dan & Dina Lane, and I may invite a few other couples, and then Jenn's friends, and we will celebrate her birthday next weekend.
 But, I can tell you that this blog is NOT going to be w/o repercussion.... speaking of which, in my last blog I hurt some feelings, and I am sorry, I believe concerning that situation we are not on the same page, I do NOT hate you, and you may feel differently, your feelings are real and tangible, but so are mine, and I still can't help how I feel, I wouldn't want to ever experience what you are experiencing, all I ever wanted to do was come down & help, wasn't meant to be.
 Find an ever so brief minute of your day, take 2 deep breaths, and go on with your day!!!

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