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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Deedle Does Mettalica

 Oh my stars, I am just viewing the status updates, and my daughter Megan posts a video of Deedle doing Metallica!!
 I am too computer illiterate to save & post this video to my blog, so It is on my FB wall. Also, I think my computer has some issues, must be like me!!
 Ok, you are saying who the heck is Deedle?? I may have mentioned him in blogs before, because if you know our family you KNOW Deedle!
 When Cody was 1 yr old, he adopted Megan's cabbage patch doll w/o Megan's permission, shall we say/ This was when his problems were  really starting to become apparent, and he made up his own language, and Deedle became the cabbage patch dolls name/
 Unless you have truly been around an autistic you have no idea how much they believe these dolls, animals etc.
 are real
 I have disciplined Deedle at the dinner table more times than I have all 5 of my kids put together, Cody is now 17 1/2 and insists on taking Deedle where ever we go, through counseling, we have been trying to work on that issue.
 He honestly believes he is real, and I believe so do we, we address him by name, say good morning Deedle, and ask his opinion on things.
 I promise you, we are not crazy! This is about the 3rd Deedle, thanks to ebay & thrift stores, and every time he looses a Deedle, I cry like I have lost a member of my family.
 He has had teachers that have made Deedle clothes for Christmas gifts, Deedle has trick or treated more times than I can count, and he has his own language, as you can hear on the video, Deedle comforts you, when you are sick or down, he sticks up for you, if someone upsets you, and he makes an awful lot of noise!
 BUT, We can not imagine our family w/o Deedle, he has been around longer than Jennifer......   LOL!!
 AS you can see Deedle does like to rock out, but, right now we are working on keeping Deedle home to help mommy, instead of going in public so often, people can be cruel, and trust me, they take the opportunity when given.
 I honestly can't imagine my life w/o Deedle, now THAT makes me sound certifiable!!!!

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