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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The power of Pinesol baby!!!

 I must admit 30 years ago, when I had my first apartment, there was something refreshing about the scent of pinesol, it was like saying, " I cleaned today" and for some reason I guess I liked the world, well my world, to know when I cleaned, as the years progressed, I liked the smell less & less, new products were starting to come out that smelt so much better, like lavender, and such, the bleach smelling stuff reminded me of a hospital, so I wasn't a fan of that.
 Even though I didn't use pinesol much, I LOVE their commercials, with the black lady, who says" that's the power of pinesol, baby" she is perfect for that commercial, she was in it for years, and then I am watching TV and here is an old white man trying to pull off the pinesol commercial, well, I was mad, first, you tell me what old man is cleaning?? No men clean, especially a good cleaning with pinesol, so get out of my commercial & bring my pinesol lady back. I suppose there were many who felt that way, because with in a few weeks, that old man was back in his recliner where he belongs and my lady was back!!!! There is a God!
 My apartment building is a distance from the parking lot, we happened to be tucked in the back corner, where the front doors, face towards the complex, and the back windows Face Central Ave which is a residential neighborhood, so it is easier to park on Central, or whenever leaving I leave that way, each building has 2 apartments on each side, and a balcony on the side, so I have to walk past the next door, and around past the balcony, and I am set free, well, as I was turning the corner, here comes a bucket of Pinesol heading right for my body, THANKFULLY I saw it coming and jumped out of the way. I said I liked the Pinesol woman, I didn't want to be her, or better yet have pine scented perfume!! 
 What happened was the lady upstairs was cleaning, and she stood on her balcony & was dumping the dirty water, I came with in 2 seconds of having a large bucket of pinesol ALL OVER ME, the woman could barely speak English, but, kept saying she was sorry, and you could tell she was, I just laughed and said, it's fine, don't worry about it. HAD that pinesol bucket landed all over me, I KNOW I would not think it was funny, since I was on my way to dinner, and had a time crunch, was already made up, hair done, clothes on that I wanted to wear, I can tell you the rest of my day would not have been fun, and all over pinesol, now if pinesol has that much power, one should see that no old white man deserves to be in a pinesol commercial, when he probably spends his free time, looking for the remote that he just lost again, & again!!
 Pinesol, I thank you for bringing MY pinesol lady back!!
 Shortly after my oldest son Daniel was potty trained, he would insist on using pine scented air freshener spray, so this became his routine, and I remember walking in there one day and say, Oh GREAT now it just smells like someone took a dump under a pine tree!!!

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