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Sunday, April 10, 2011

One People Of One Nation

 SO much for me stopping the blogging! God is good, and he has had all kinds of people reach out to me in the past few hours that I feel better, and needed to write.
 It started with 2 events, both on FB, the first one was that I launched a balloon in my cousin Joanne's name, and I am excited to see all the places it has already made it to, I can't wait for morning to see where it has been and where it is now!
 The second thing is, I was reading my friend L's thread and she said she passed 2 churches today, one was predominately  white, and the other black, but, the bar she passed was filled with blacks, white, Asians, Hispanics etc. Isn't the church supposed to be the example, not the exception? 
 I live in Arizona, and we all know the immigration debate that has been going on here, and I do not intend on giving my political opinion, because I learned the hard way on facebook not to,. I just want to say, as I tell my children, there are GOOD people of all races, and there are BAD people of all races,
 I recently had a stroke, and I had complications, and it was a young Mexican nurses first day on the job, this woman hardly spoke ANY English, but she spoke my language, PAIN, I can tell you w/o her I never would have made it through that day, her kindness, and understanding, she was attentive, loving and just a plain angel! I can tell you the rest of the staff was nothing like her, and she was reprimanded for giving me too much time, here the poor woman is doing her job, and gets in trouble, pain, & situations are supposed to be wrapped up into a time period???
 Then 3 years ago, at dusk in a bad area my car engine goes on fire, a black man stopped, who was riding his bike, I was in a not so nice area, and had no cell phone. This man, who I also refer to as an angel, stayed with me, he did not want me alone in the dark in that area, he let me use his cell AND he used hisAAA membership to tow my car home. This man ended up being from where else??New York!! We get such a bad rep, don't we, when I think New Yorkas are the most helpful people, they just tell it like it is, if they don't like you, you know it, here in AZ they act like they like you and then they knife you in the back!!!
 I can go on and on about "racial" stories, and people it is 2011, Children learn what they live and if you are teaching deversion in your home, you are starting a new generation of predjudice, it's time that we except people because of who they are not if they are fat, hispanic, black, white etc. 
 When you meet someone new look at them as a PERSON, and block everything else out, and then decided if you like this person, if you don't, there is no reason to be cruel. Life is too short, so why can't we all just live & enjoy, and be there to support one another, and just stay away from those we don't like w/o trashing them. They say the US is the melting pot of America, well lets act like it!!!

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