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Friday, April 1, 2011


  April 1, 1982 Thursday 5:50 pm, Daniel Charles Mowbray Jr. makes his entrance into the world, after 8 1/2 hrs induced labor. Believe it or not, he was my largest baby of the 5, 7lbs 8 1/2 oz and 21  inches long.
 Unfortunately, he did not cry and before I had time to collect my thoughts, he was being air vacced to a NICU at Stonybrook University Hospital. He spent 7 days in there, and the air bubble eventually desolved itself.
 The day we were due to pick him up, APril 7, we had a blizzard & my aunt was murdered, if I can use 1 word to describe my life, eventful would be it, for as far back as I can remember!
 Daniel had colic for a while, which was trying for a first time mom, but, was an EXCELLENT baby, he didn't get into anything, I thought I had this mother thing down pat, and when Daniel was a year old, it was time to do it again!! 
 The boys were dressed a like, they were 21 mos apart, but when they say they are all different they are not kidding!! Scott got into everything, but, apparently not enough, because Megan came 2 years late,r 6 days short of Scott's second birthday.
 Daniel was obsessed with sports, & everyone who knew him, knew he would end up doing something sports wise as a career. And that he did, he had  a talk radio show, been a sports writer, and now edits basketball games.
 Daniel was always a good kid, I never had any problems with him, he played basketball all through middle & HS, and graduated with good grades, then went on to radio broadcasting school.
 Along the way he had various  relationships, some serious, some, not, but, right now he is in a serious relationship with a very nice girl named Jessica, whom we love to death, they compliment each other, very well!
 When Daniel was only 2 years old, he was able to read, a Book called THE COUNTS POEM, the Count from Sesame ST. I was amazed that he could read, and he would talk in the counts voice, it was hillarious!
 I may not say it enough, but, I am very proud of Daniel & all his accomplishments, I know that the divorce affected him, a lot, and my remarrying, and having more children affected him, and for quite sometime, I had depression issues that also affected him, and I am sorry for all of that, you know the old saying, if I could do it all over again,well, that does apply here. I could have done things a lot different than I did, but, you can't change the past, if you dwell on it, you are not allowing yourself to move forward & change things, so, onward & upward!!!
 Happy 29th my son, I LOVE you!!!!   XOXOXOX

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