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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Medication Day 1

 Today was day one of my new medication, I am placing so much importance on it, because, basically the doctor said, we have tried everything else, so if this doesn't work, sadly, my life will be living with a daily headache.
 Terry and I both over slept, which is common for me, but, not him. I still had plenty of time to get ready. I was taking Julie out to lunch for her birthday. We both have been on diets and we were treating ourselves to sonic for desert. I had an orange cream slush which I thoroughly enjoyed.
 When I woke up I had the usual headache, and had my first dosage of medication, it lessened the headache to where it was just dull.
 After being out with Julie for over 2 hrs, I came home, and had something I haven't had in ages, ENERGY!!! SO, I opened all the windows, it was beautiful out 80, and breezy, and gave the apartment a real good cleaning, with the help of the puppies, who just loved being out on the patio where they can run around. We live in an apartment, with a very large patio, that has a 4ft wall all around it, so that's the closest thing to a back yard they have, and we also have a doggy park here, so that's a real treat for them.
 I can honestly say I had a few hours today without a headache at all, which felt great, and the medication I am taking takes time to build in your system, so I am VERY hopeful, that this may do the trick!
 Unfortunately, I did experience 1 side effect, I was nauseous all day, so tomorrow, I am going to call the doctor for some anti nausea meds.
 Tomorrow, I also have a busy day planned, I have to re sign my lease, I can't believe it has been 13 mos, already, and lucky for me, due to the economy my rent will be staying the same, AND I will be getting wood floors, by the end of the month. I have some errands to run, and then lunch with my friend Dan L, Not my ex husband!!!! LOL, whenever I say I am going out with Dan people think I mean the ex!!!
 I pray I am able to sleep well tonight, and that I wake up headache free, or at least the meds make my day easier! And I never will take for granted waking up feeling well, because that is a gift, there are so many people that never wake up feeling well, and it is a horrible way to live, and you do not have much quality of life.
 Good night friends!

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