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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pain Managment

 Earlier today I mentioned I had a doctors appointment, it was for 2:30, God is always good to me, he put us in this incredibly small waiting room with a woman who was a New Yorka, and she was so entertaining, and helped pass the time. And there sure was a lot of time, it took them an hour & 15 minutes to even call us in!
 So, we went over my stroke & the results of the many tests I had in the hospital, and things were a bit worse than I had originally been told. My DJD is very bad, layers deep through out my entire spine & neck, in the near future I may require neck surgery. And those paralyzing headaches I wake up with everyday are not going to go away, it is complicated, but in laymans terms, my occipital nerve is pinched by my cervical discs and surgery will not help that, because the scar tissue will cause the same pain as the pinched nerve is.
 SO, controlling the pain has become the main priority right now, and my options, were many, many of which I have tried. We finally decided on a pain plan, which I will start tomorrow, and I am a bit nervous about the plan that we chose. My husband is going to be monitoring me, and we go back in 2 weeks to see how things are going.
 I also found out the weakness on my left side is most likely permPublish Postanent, but, it's not so bad, so I can live with it. As far as the speech & confusion, they are not sure right now, my biggest mistake was not going to the hospital when I thought I had the stroke, for everyone out there, even if you just THINK you MIGHT be having a stroke, go to the ER immediately, it can save your life!!
 I have many spots on my brain, and there is no way to tell which are from the headaches or stroke, and between that and being diabetic I am at risk of having another stroke.
 But, on a very good note, my stroke, has brought my husband and I together like it was before HIS stroke, I think me having a stroke, & feeling everything I felt, enabled me to know exactly what he went through, and his stroke was so much worse than mine. He has been amazing, I honestly don't know what I would do w/o him right now, because I am not able to do much, and he has picked up the slack,
 I thank all of you who have been praying for me and , that you would continue to pray that my new meds will help me with these headaches!

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