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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wednesdays With Jessica

 Ok, so, it is only Tuesday, and a story like this should be written on a Wednesday, BUT< tomorrow, I am going out with Julie, and that ALWAYS makes for a great blog!
 I don't know how many of you have read Tuesdays with Maury? The book has been around a while, and Oprah made a movie of it, it was so heart warming. I love to read, and usually read true crime, biographies etc. but, this book stood out, and I was blessed to have read it!
 Ok, so, last year when I first moved into my very first apartment that was just me & Cody, I would have Jessica over for dinner on Wed nights, Who's Jessica, you ask? My sons fiance, right not they are n a civil union, LOL, more on that later!!!
 I would really look forward to it, I would cook all my best recipes, and my older kids would hear what I was cooking, and say WHAT??? We don't get that when we come over!
 We would talk, eat and get to know one another. And , of course talk we would always end up talking about Daniel when he was a baby & growing up. Isn't it funny, how you remember so much about your first, and by your fifth, you are doing good if you know their name. Sheesh, I practically remember how many bowel movements a day Daniel had, with Jennifer, it would be, HEY did you poop today???
 And pictures, OMG, I have books & books of Daniel, poor Jennifer has half that.
 So, I would give Jessica some baby pictures & pics when he played basketball in HS, and we would talk about the kind of kid he was. I do not favor any of my kids, but, Daniel was my first and just happened to be the most behaved, I honestly only remember having a handful of arguments with him his entire home life!
 So, our visit would end, and right away I would think what can I cook next week, and look forward to Wed of the next week.
 How does life get so busy that the simple, important stuff gets put on hold? the things that really mean the most!!
 Daniel & Jessica's civil union will be coming up soon!! It's a good one.
 Have a terrific Tuesday everyone

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