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Monday, April 18, 2011

Take a number, & wait until we call, you and humiliate you!

 Yet another evening of not sleeping well, it was the worst night I had in ages. The puppies insisted on playing all night, by running up and down my body, I thought where are my grandchildren when I need them?? I was starting to feel sick, flu like, which is one of the side effects of my new medication, I am on a strange routine, I take it every 6 hrs so I am up until 12am, until the next dosage I take @ 6am. About 1am these dogs were just not going to quit and I knew if I didn't get some sleep, I would feel sick all day, so I left the dogs with Terry and went and slept with Jennifer and made sure the dogs were locked out! 
 I usually take my meds @ 6am and go back to sleep for a few hours and then get up, so I did as I usually do. I had told Terry to wake me at 9am because Dan was picking me up @ 11am, we were going to the Department of economic Security to try and find out why I do NOT make AZ citizen residency, except, I felt so sick I could barely move, it was terrible, and the fatigue was overwhelming. I asked Terry is he could tell Dan to come @ 1 that there was no way I could get out of bed right now w/o vomiting & such. So, I went back to bed, woke up feeling a little better and tried to get myself together.Just encase you are wondering we are in the mid 90's, so it is anything but pleasant out doors
 When I first got up I explained the letter I got from DES TO DES and was told, we have no record of you dropping off your information, proof of residency, signing my lease etc. I said, I most certainly did drop off all of that on March 18 and I had it in front of me, stamped by the DES stamp. SO, they claimed this would be easy, come in ask for a supervisor and give all the info to her and everything would be approved, NOTHING ever goes easy for me, first of all I had to wait on a 45 min line, because not one would listen to me, I finally got hear and was told, we have no record of this, I showed them, told them I had a stroke & was becoming very tired & this needs to be rectified today, with that, "the pleasant" worker said, you don't look like you had a stroke. Well, I found that rather insulting, because YOU are UNAWARE of the almost hour & 1/2 it now takes me to get ready, and the process of getting ready depletes all my energy, and she has NO KNOWLEDGE that I care for a handicap son & husband, and I have no car, so to keep going down there is no easy task, and the list goes on, right now, where I am in my life, everything is exhausting, it is not how I choose to live  FEW months from turning 50,
 Nada, nothing, not a thing got taken care of today, I was told in a very angry sarcastic voice that she will process my application when she gets around to it, and there would be no date or anything else that would narrow it down, it could take up to 90 days.
 Well that was that for me, I honestly had no energy left in me, and I calmly said, that I have done all that I could humanly do to work with you people and you have put a road block up at every opportunity, that they have left me no other choice, I will be contacting the media tomorrow, and just because I am applying for services doesn't make me trash, they are messing with the WRONG people, my husband was an attorney for 30 years, and these sleeping dogs will not lie!!!

 I am not the kind of person that can be w/o medical insurance, I have heart issues, diabetes,had a stroke, have terrible occipital neuralgia, which medication is very expensive. I literally feel like I have been kicked in the gutt by the "system" well this "system" is NOT going to win this time!!!!!!

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