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Friday, April 15, 2011


 Last night, I did not sleep very well, I am not sure why, I woke up @ 6am and took my first dosage of meds, went back to bed, and woke up a few hours later, headache free, & motivated!! Woot-woot!!
 Dan L came by, and we went and re signed my apartment lease for another year, and went to sonic for lunch. We sat outside and ate, it was sunny, and about 85, it was very nice & relaxing.
 For the past year my daughter Jennifer & I have been receiving social services, medical, my husband is disabled and on social security, and you have to be on it 2 years to qualify for medicaid, and he is a few months shy of that, & Cody is on Arizona long term because of his disability.
 Let me just start with this, as of this August I will be a residence of Az for 21 years, and I was born an American citizen in N.Y. Nothing about my status has changed in the past year, that would suddenly cause me to not live up to the requirements of AZ residency.
 Now, REMEMBER how AZ has been in the news this past year because of their strict immigration laws, I will NOT give my political opinion on this, because I know from past experience giving my political opinion on FB, only leads to trouble. I WILL SAY, it is disturbing to me, knowing that I am a legal resident of AZ, and having been denied services, that I have been receiving for a year, now
 Just last night, on a friends thread we were discussing random drug tests for people receiving public assistance, and I am all for that, I do not, nor would I EVER abuse the system, and they can test me, video tape, what ever they want!
 Let me introduce you to my life, My husband had a major stroke,in 2007 he was an attorney, he was left with a lot of damage and was unable to work, we sold our home of 18 years , moved into a 2 bedroom apartment, where each child has their own room, we sleep in the living room on a sofa bed, we do NOT own a vehicle, we use public transportation, which is not cheap $5 round trip bus, we live on less than $2000 a month, and make too much money to qualify for food stamps.
 NOW, it was 3 weeks ago that I had a stroke, I am going to pain management for DJD, and Occipital neuralgia, I am diabetic, and have heart issues, I take no fewer than 10 pills a day, none of which I will be able to afford w/o insurance,why do I open up and tell you so much about my private finances? Because there are MANY me's out there and someone has to speak up, because it is just NOT fair.
 My family has generation, after generation of people serving in the US military, we have paid into the system, I have personally helped people with food & money when I had it, and they didn't.
 Do you know what it is like to not be able to just jump in the car & go where you need to go? or go to a movie etc?
 When I am depressed on FB a lot of you don't know completely how difficult my situation is, I am not whining, I have learned to live with it, and make the best of what I can, but the thought of being cut off of medical enrages me, when, I am sorry, I know A LOT of illegal citizens right here in my apartment complex, that get all kinds of benefits, and they have cars,and other things that I can not afford.
 All I am asking for is what I feel I am entitled to as an American citizen!
 I was fortunate enough to have been a stay at home mom, so I haven't worked in 30 years, I am also considered disabled, but, because I haven't worked I can't get soc sec disability, and they said we would make too much if I got SSI. I just don't understand the system, and how it works, all I do know, is right now I am so angry & afraid at once.
 Needless to say I spent all day trying to contact the Dept of Economic Security, I got operators, after voice mails, after you need to talk to so and so, and I NEVER spoke to ANYONE that could assist me, so now I have had to make arrangements with a friend to take me down there on Monday.
 I know that the weekend is going to be a living hell,with my health issues right now, I can not be w/o insurance,I honestly don't know what we will do, it is NOT helping me to avoid stress like they told me to do, and as I type, I have a headache.
 I never thought that I would totally expose myself & my situation like this, but, if it can happen to me, it can happen to ANYBODY, we were living a comfortable life, with 5 children, a home, a pool, 2 cars, just like you, and all in ONE night everything changed, life as I knew it was over, this all happened in Nov 07, and it has taken us until now to have somewhat accepted it and work with it, instead of against it. I hope this helps you to understand where a lot of my depression comes from.
 We have 2 teenagers that we can't even drive around to do the things that normal teens do. ALL I can say is Thank God for friends & public transportation, and we found an apartment that is located close to shopping & such.
 I am not a low life, I am you, and this can happen to you as easily as it happened to me! Be Thankful for what you do have, and PLEASE keep us in your prayers!!!


  1. When did this happen? I am so concerned for you. You always amaze me tho by pulling through the most unbelievable situations. I have seen your change in attitude for struggles life brings, of which you have had more than anyone I know. You have been so positive and posted on how important it is to be positive and thankful for what we have. Here you are accepting your situation and encouraging others and wham another obstacle to deal with,that I realize you cant live without .I am so proud of you for the changes you and Terry have made in your lives. Dont loose faith. I will be praying this works out for you and you get the medical I know you need. Love you....J

  2. Hey Julie, thanks for the kind words, MUCH appreciated, because you have seen me at my worst! I found out today, and I will be down at DES on Monday, so if you hear the thunder roll, you will know it's me!! I just have to believe that The Lord is not going to let me go w/o insurance, I have too many serious ailments, so if I didn't have faith, I would fall apart! XOXOX

  3. sounds like this sucky system we have going... mexicano's first, everything else next and white american's dead last.I would write more but i am in so much pain hon, will be praying some white american with a brain will be assigned to your case.

  4. The sad part is you are so deserving of these services but that simply doesn't seem to matter anymore :0(