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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Friend V

 As I sit here this afternoon, nervous as heck because I have a doctor's appointment, I decided to get on FB. , and a dear friend of mine V posted an article about life with lupus, well, I know and have known people with lupus, and thought I knew what it was, but reading this article, I had NO IDEA, anyone, who has a friend with lupus or any disease for that matter should learn what they can about it, so you can truly understand what their day to day life is like. 
 My cousin just passed 10 days ago of MS, and I thought I knew all about that, too, but, I didn't, I had no idea she would go so fast and so young 33.
 The scary part about reading the article V posted, was my life is not so far off from hers, between the different ailments I am dealing with right now, I experience the lack of energy and so limited as to how much I can actually do in a day, and believe me it is not much, taking 2 hrs to get up & shower, just a day out with a friend and I am spent the next day, taking handfuls of medication at a time, it is not where I thought my life would be at almost 50.
 Thankfully, I have my husband home and he picks up the slack, in all my years I NEVER thought I'd see him vacuum, now he does it more than I do, if he were not here I don't know what I would do, which brings me back to V, I wish that some of us lived closer to her so that we could help her. She does not have a significant other, and lives alone, my heart goes out to her,
 We have been sending around on FB that little status about FB being our on line mental hospital, well it is that, but more than that for people like V & Myself, that have a limited lifestyle due to health reasons, sometimes just a comment will make our day, just to know people are thinking of us!
 And V, she has a never ending sense of humor, you can't beat her, no matter what you come back with, she's got you beat! And when she writes, she writes so beautifully, I understand she inherited that from her dear mother. 
 We need to keep her condition in daily prayer, she is always the one to pull us out of depression or whatever we are going through, when meanwhile, she is struggling just to get through her day, and most of us don't even realize that!
 So, as I sit here worrying about this doctors appointment, V's life gives me hope, and strength that I will handle whatever the results are and if I have to, take 2 handful of pills at a time I will.
 Thank you V for your blog, as usual perfect timing! we all love you & are praying for you, ALWAYS!!!! Can't wait to see you in May, Boy, will Tom's ears be ringing!!!!

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