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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lions & Tigers & bears OH MY!.....Byron, & wieners & Ginny OH MY!!

 You know the famous song from the Wizard of Oz, well MY title goes to the beat of the same drum, except that its BYRON &Wieners & Ginny, OH MY.
So today was unlike most Thursdays, Julie & I would have an adventure, it always started out the same, with a good meal, and then most times we shop, run errands, or go back to each others houses.
 Today, it was Olive Garden, and we were trying to decide what to eat, and I mention an old friend of mine had mentioned eating weenies for lunch, it wasn't  funny when he told me this, but somehow Julie & I were stuck on this like a bunch of HS students, we just took the ball & ran with it, and I said, in all honesty if my kid asked me for a weenie for dinner, I would be laughing my butt off.
 Ok, so after our child like behavior, we ordered a nice lunch, but, every course would be out in 3 minutes prior to the course proceeding it, at one point the table was completely FULL, I thought this could make for a nice spilling! I know me, and if there is food around it always finds itself all over me,so, yes, there goes my elbow in my side of ranch!! Julie is probably still peeing in the bathroom, as I type, and I came home as thirsty as a Camel, they kept re filling her tea, NON stop, and I had to ask twice before I even got a refill.As I have said, I have good days & bad, and side effects from the meds, and today was hard for me, to articulate, typing is so much easier, I am embarrassed & uncomfortable when its a bad day, and won't willingly be around many people, but since Julie has seen me in the craziest situations, there was no decision whether or not to go, after all, she buys me clothes at Walgreens, and when me & my UH had a HUGE fight, she came over to get me, and there in the passenger seat sits her UH, I said NO UH's, that man flew to the very back of the van & stayed there, can you imagine??? I am lucky I am still allowed to come over, and that had to be about 8 years ago!!! Another night out her UH was ordering my UH to just make love, we to this day, don't know exactly why, another time he ordered MY UH to paint the living room so, my UH did, he doesn't listen to me when I ask!!
 There is a  woman named Ginny who we see all over town, she does not like to be spoken to but she is quite friendly, she smiles & waves, Ginny is known for her wardrobe she is down right proud of what she wears, and loves for others to notice it, when ever we are out we ride around in hopes of seeing her, and what she is  wearing, today we hit pay dirt, or I should say I hit pay dirt!!
 I no sooner said to Julie that we haven't seen Ginny in ages, and with that Ginny walks right down the isle! I am literally out of control, saying turn around, turn around, then I kick Julie, my shoe goes flying and she is still not looking, now I am multitasking, putting on my shoe hoping Ginny is still here, and there she is dressed in turquoise leggings, with yellow polka dots, with a turquoise & yellow sleeveless shirt, and a headband with a daisy in it, Well, there is NO JULIE!!
 I go back to the table and I say where were you, she said I had to pay the check, I said OMGosh you just missed Ginny, we don't usually see Ginny in eateries, so this was a treat, I am dead serious seeing her can pull you out of a downer in no time, she just has that specialness about her, to me God is using her over & over to cheer others, her place in life may not be glamorous, although to her, us & many others, she really is glamorous!! We each value things in different ways, and to us Ginny is a blessing, I can't tell you how many situations Ginny has turned around for us. And she is just so Happy ALL the time.
 Bryon is Julie's dad, he recently moved here due to health concerns, he lives across the street from me, and 2 minutes from Julie, he recently had a triple by pass, and my UH had one years ago, so Terry went over there and spent time with him talking about the heart surgery & his Church and put on a video about Oregon where they are from.
 When I got home, I finally got the call from the office that my wood floors are going down Tues or Wed, I can't wait, because if they picked Friday I would be crying because I want to see the royal's get married.


  1. Once again you having me laughing so hard....cant believe I missed Ginny. Your shoe hitting me threw me off while at the same time you were hysterical yelling "Ginny, Ginny" that I couldnt grasp that she was actually at Olive Garden. You had me so confused by leaving the table after I dropped you off I realized I left my debit card there and had to go back.Someday she WILL be going out with us. We need to introduce ourselves.

  2. LOL, Today COULD HAVE been the day to meet Ginny, but, you blew it!!! LOL. Picture this, I am trying to write the blog and are u ready?? Jenn says, I think it's so funny that you & dad are best friends??? I almost dropped the lap top, and then I felt blessed, I never thought it would ever come full circle after the UH's ride in the back seat,the swing, the UH yelling at me after surgery that his Privates had been "removed" remember that one??? He told me I MADE them do it, and the doctor said Terry what R U looking for and he screamed the politically correct word, and the doc said, it;s right there and he said, NO< I know you & my wife set this all up!!! Too many funny things!! More blogs, I can write til I die, and I am not going to cover half of everything!