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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rest In Peace Patty

 As I said yesterday, too many people I know have died in the past 10 days. 
 My daughter Jennifer has a friend named Lexi, Jennifer became very close to Lexi & her family last year when Terry & I were separated. Lexi's mom had 2 sisters, Laurie & Patty and the treated Jennifer as if she were their own, Jennifer was very fond of them.
 Last June, Laurie, over dosed on pain medication and died at the young age of 49, she left behind a 12 year old son, her situation was extremely sad, her husband was an alcoholic, and she used pain medicine to numb the pain, and she took too much, it was not a planned suicide. It was Jenn's first experience with death and it was very hard on her, I attended the wake & funeral with her, because I didn't know if she could handle the experience, as always, Jennifer did incredibly well, I have made many mistakes parenting, but, one thing I have done right is raise Jennifer to be strong, self sufficient, and to never have to depend on anyone else, she almost had no choice, but to be that kind of person with Cody's handicap, and my years of being down with my back issues.
 Unfortunately, early in the week Jenn received a text message at 4am that Lexi's other aunt Patty passed away, she was also young, early fifty's! Lexi's mom S has lost both her sisters suddenly in less than a year, she is single, and has no other family, & Lexi is her only child.
 Tonight is the wake & funeral is tomorrow, so I let Jennifer go w/o me, since I started my new medication  plan today, I didn't think that I could handle the circumstances of a wake among mostly strangers.
 So, as I type this Jennifer is at the wake, and will attend the funeral tomorrow, my prayers & heart goes out to S & her daughter Lexi.
 And AGAIN I say, life is too short to major on the minors, or let little things bring us down, enjoy what you have, even if it is not much, there are many things that we ALL have that are priceless, try and not loose focus of those things because they are what matters the most. You really never know when you will see "that person" again

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