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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Loving Puppies, Rain & a Warm Quilt

 It was sometime around 3am that I FINALLY fell asleep. I decided to crack the window so I could really hear the rain coming down, and I collected the 3 puppies and their momma, Lacey, and grabbed a nice warm quilt, laid on the comfy couch, and the 4 of us slept there until after 10am.
 There is something about puppies that give you comfort, and they don't talk back, unless you are my dog Treasure, he thinks he is human, and will try & have a conversation with you when you tell him no.
 Lucy is the only female of the litter and she looks just like Lacey her mom, but, has her dad, Sammy's disposition, she was cuddling me,on my face and Wally came to join in on the loving and she started to growl, she wasn't about to share her attention.
 Wally, he is the runt of the litter, he is a loner, but loves to lay on the couch with you and watch TV when it's dark, he is so sweet, he looks just like his daddy did as a puppy, but has a much more mellow attitude. He melts your heart.
 Lacey or momma Lacey, as we call her now, is such a wonderful dog, as my dad says, if anyone broke in here Lacey would love them to death! She has been a great mother to the puppies.
 Sammy, the Morkie, Yorkie/maktese has major attitude, I call him my NY dog, he will bark at a rotwiler as if he  can go up against him, he knows everyone that comes in my home on a regular basis for YEARS, Yet he HAS to bark at them. The funny thing from day 1, he has NEVER barked at Dan Lane, and we joke about it all the time, and Lacey is in love with Dan Lane, also, if you are wondering why I am using his last name, when I say Dan people assume it's my ex husband, so I need o clarify.
 I have woken up to the same weather I went to bed with, and I am enjoying it, here in the desert we don't get much rain, only when Lenny& Debbie come!!!, 
 It would take me all day to thank each & everyone of you, so please know that you are not going un noted and I am deeply thankful for your friendship, and support.
 What am I going to do today? I HOPE see my son Scott, next month it will be 2 years since I have seen him, he has lived back East & today he is moving here, he & his dad will be staying with Megan, not sure when they will get in, so it will either be today or tomorrow that I will see him
 In closure I would like to say, my personal opinion is that a puppy or baby are the best medicine you can get, and if you are hurting try and spend time with one or the other, or if you are lucky enough, BOTH!!!

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