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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Grocery store Pat down

 I have all kinds of anxiety running through my mind today, tomorrow morning I will be  dealing with the department Of Economic Security, regarding my not making residency requirements, All I can honestly say is WTH???, I have tried to analyze it, think of how mistakes could have been made, and they are so simple, I just can't notice them, you name it, and I am pretty sure I have thought it!
 Post stroke I am hardly the poster child for mental health, so I am calling on you, Lord, to get me through this one, because I don't want to be a sound bite, " crazy New Yorka looses it at Dept of Econ Sec" news @ 6 
 Yep, that would be me, the pale skinned blonde, with blue eyes, I guess I defected from Finland or something, and I am a double agent, by giving me medical assistance puts this country at GREAT risk, and then when you add my 16 yr old daughter to the mix, it is a downright code ORANGE, not only will you have to survive the "pat down" at the airport, as long as I am on the loose you will endure a pat down at the grocery store while you are checking out. You can never be to careful!
 Seriously, what they REALLY don't get is by cutting my medical puts ME at a great risk, and damnit I was born in this country and I deserve the same benefits as everyone else. 
 Tomorrow I will up date you, please say a prayer for me, tonight!!!

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