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Thursday, April 28, 2011

All in A Doctors Days work

  This week has been GREAT if you enjoy doctors & pharmacists, if not, it wasn't for you!
 Due to my great frustration , my insurance ends May 1, I don't want to continually rehash the reasons & such,here goes the readers digest version, they wanted papers turned in, I did turn them in, even had the original copies with THEIR stamp on each page, so P.S. their mistake, well that didn't seem to matter, I was told they would get to it WHEN they got to it, IF they got to it!!! After a week or more of arguing with them, I have turned it over to Terry to handle, he stays a lot more calm than I do, I am praying they straighten this out in May, however they are calling for all kinds of budget cuts, so that alone, may disqualify me. I don't know about you, but, I see this country getting worse, not better!
 Monday evening Cody spent at Megan's & Jenn at her friends, and Terry & I emptied the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom & 2 hall closets into their bedrooms, so first thing Tuesday they can put the faux wood floors down, they look awesome, but, again the stroke played such a factor, what would have taken me an hour to do, took me 4 hrs, I was exhausted, so much so, I fell asleep around 11pm, and slept until noon, and then laid back down @3pm today & just woke up @ 5:30, and I am still tired, the doctor did add a new medication, and they all take sometime to get used to the drowsiness feeling, so hopefully, this too shall past!
 So, far, so good, the wood floors are so much easier to care for with the dogs!!
 Little by little I am feeling better, but, I have a few things that I am giving up on, the fact that they will disappear, is starting to feel like wishful thinking, so what that means to me is I need to find ways of coping & accepting what is, or is not going to be. For example, simple words I have used all my life, when someone else uses them I don't understand them, I don't understand a lot, I am always asking for explanations, I am still quite emotional, I only have speech issues when I get real tired, which makes perfect sense to me, and a lot of noise in a large crowd makes me feel a bit over whelmed, and panicky, considering I have 5 kids that's not easy.
 It is starting to look like I am going to need the neck surgery, and w/o insurance, there is no way I can do that! 
 So, tomorrow is the Royal Wedding, it's also my baby's 16th birthday, so that will be tomorrows blog for sure!!!

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