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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

AN Act Of God

 Last night was a night to go down in the record books, and It also reminded me of a scripture verse, THROUGH CHRIST ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.....2 years ago, May, my son Scott moved to the east coast, due the the economy he has not been able to afford a visit home.
 Last Tuesday morning, I get a call, WELL THE TRUCK IS PACKED...OKAY, WHAT TRUCK???? And he proceeds to tell me that he & his dad, are on their way back to Phoenix~~ I was very excited to have him home & back in the day to day things of life/ And in a recent blog I discussed how me & My Ex cleared the air when I had my stroke.
 SO, last night the 2 of them came over, and home here was me, Terry, Cody & Jenn Nicole, we actually had a nice visit, I showed him pictures of my trip to Orlando last June, because he graduated with a lot of those people. Everybody got along, and everyone was relaxed & comfortable, If that is not an act of God, nothing is.
 My ex and I have a history, we have been divorced 18 years married 12,, and there were times where we were good to each other, when Jenn Nicole was born, she was in NICU for 11 days, He moved in our house & took care of all 4 kids, and that included Cody who is not his son, he stayed almost 2 weeks.
 Another time he lost all his belongings on a moving truck, and I got him, between what I had & my friends all the items he needed to furnish an apartment.
 BUT, we have had some TERRIBLE times, there will always be a connection, and I suppose always be some anger, because we don't see things the same way. I apologized for my part of the divorce and he said some equal things I needed to hear. SO, Please JESUS, for the sake of the 5 kids, 2 grands & 2 in laws, I pray that we can keep things civil, and friendly, it makes it so much easier for the kids, lets face it, no matter how old you are, you want your parents to get along.
 I am not a holy roller, but, I believe in God, and the Bible, & totally understand why the Bible condemns divorce, the kids are the ones that suffer the most. If you could have an amicable divorce for the sake of the kids, PLEASE do so, because I believe there are issues my kids would not be dealing with as adults, had we gone about our divorce differently.
 It is NEVER too late to fix things, and never too late for happily ever after, so please try and move forward, in a positive way, and on those bad days allow yourself to feel weak, angry or whatever emotion you are feeling. 
 As I always say I like to learn a lesson from EVERY experience I have in life, good, bad or otherwise, and I am struggling right now, as you all know with family issues, my outside family, not kids & hubby, and seeing that my ex & I can make peace has given me the hope that things can work with the rest of the family, maybe a needed break now, is the plan, I don't know, I just know it hurts, but, I have had a lot of support from a lot of people, and I truly appreciate that from the bottom of my heart. If you have friends reaching out to you, as hard as it is, take their hand, that is where I struggle, I find that hard to do, and I find it hard to talk about the situation w/o the flood gates opening, and that is just who I am, I have a certain few that I open up to, but, it is usually when things feel so out of control, instead of opening up right away. As I said, Life is a lesson, we are all learning something everyday!
 In the past 10 days 4 people I know have passed away, 2 were very young, I don't deal with death well, and it has me in such a funk, life is short, and I wish we could not major on the minors, and enjoy the time we have with one another, because we really don't know how quickly things can change.
 If I could go back & change my emotional reaction to what I took as rejection, I would, but, unfortunately, I can only say I am sorry, and I have done that many times!!
 Enjoy your family, enjoy your life, and if you are dealing with heavy issues, try and make the best out if it, if not for yourself, than for your kids etc. Because if I could do it all over, I sure would make a lot of changes!!!

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