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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Heat, than there is HEAT!!!

 Welcome to Phoenix, Arizona, todays high is expected to be 100, but not to worry, it's a DRY heat, all that means is you know how it feels when you open your oven door, and you get hotter than hot air, just blown in your face? Well, here your oven door is your front door, car door, store entrances etc.
 Yesterday was our first 100 degree day and April 1 is way too early for that, the power company here is called APS, and while watching the news and hearing of the record breaking temperature I said cha ching for APS, and God help the rest of us!
 So, what do you REALLY do when it's 100+ here? Well, it is like your winter back east, not a heck of a lot.
 Now if you are my 16 yr old daughter, you lay by the pool and tan yourself, remember those days? Except we did it at Fire Island,with cool ocean breezes.
 If you don't own a pool or belong to the Y or community pool, you are in for some long, hot days.
 Being at the pool in public creates a whole new sets of problems, do I REALLY want to be seen in my bathing suit, I can give you a QUICK NO, on that one, but, you learn to toss your pride to the curb, and go for the bathing suit!
 I do not do well in the heat, it intensifies my headaches, and right now that makes me nervous, because of the pain I am already in. it means school is almost over & the 2 teens fight like cats & dogs, and as always Law & Order & sports will be on the TV 24/7.....LOL
 Now, if you were a TRUE friend you would have the NERVE to come visit me during the summer, any takers?????                                        Have a great Saturday, everyone!!!

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