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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Good night Blog, Good night Moon

 It is becoming harder & harder to blog, something that came so easily, is now difficult. A good friend said, maybe you shouldn't put yourself out there like that on the blog/ I suppose they are probably right, but, me putting myself out there is part of who I am, I wear my emotions on my sleave, and if you ask me what is wrong you are going to get the truth, not a candy coated lie. I realize not everyone is comfortable expressing their feelings, especially heavy duty feelings or reading somebody elses feelings that are beyond basic.
 At this point everyone knows how I feel so, there is no point reposting it day in and day out, so there probably won't be any more blogging, and as far as FB I will check my messages, but will back off for the most part. I need to work on my depression, and keep close to the very few that live close to me, and are supporting me, A time like this is when you find out who your real friends & family are and I am finding, I am coming up short in that department. MY mom says I drove everyone  away, that could be so, but she has yet to understand that my stroke is effecting my mental state and that not much time has gone by since I had it.
 Anyway, thank you all who were there for me, my sympathies to The Palm Coast Family, and Goodnight

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