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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cody Chronicles

 I am feeling real down today, over the death of my cousin, and risidual issues from the stroke. The doctor said this would be normal, but, I am not liking it too much!
 Last night I took a pretty bad fall, where I had to scream for help to get up, that was a sight, since Cody was the one helping me.
 He drives me crazy with a capital C, but, with out him there would be no humor here! He says it like it is, has no filters, and in a lot of situations I just pray he doesn't open his mouth, BUT, he does.
 He told a old family friend who is about 82 that he was the oldest man he had EVER seen, yet my 76 yr old dad, he tells you look younger than everybody in the family, which that makes his day!!! Or my dad is paying him on the side!!
 Yesterday driving home from respite he tells Megan I think black men are attractive, I have NOTHING against black men, do I hear Denzel Washington? and nothing against gays, BUT< this is the first we have heard about it, when I asked him he said, you & Megan are far too intelligent to understand. I do not think intelligent was the word he meant!!!
 Over the weekend I was trying to tell him something and it was the day I was struggling with my words, and he was getting annoyed, and said, ARE YOU AUTISTIC TOO???? I just laughed my butt off, and proceeded with no, I just had a stroke Cody. His answer, well thats not fair it's not Thurs or Sunday!! AT first I thought WHAT? and then realized he loves coke, and we only allow him to have then twice a week, and those are the 2 days, so he thought stroke was coke!!! God, do I wish a coke would make it all go away!!!
 Enclosed is a pic of my friend Kathy, who was my maid of honor, & Cody, who was the best man when we renewed our vows. He was so proud to hold the ring, but, a few nights before, he said, MOM, don't you think Kathy is too old for me??? She loved that one!! Or as he calls her Kaffy, who lives in Californ near holwood.
 Once we went into someones house that was not well kept, to be nice, and Cody lets out, with MAN THIS PLACE IS DIRTY,YOU NEED TO CLEAN IT!!! You honestly never know!
 In Feb we had friends from NY visiting, Lenny was my boyfriend for 5 min in 1977, and as we are driving, Cody comes out with Lenny, do you love my mom?? OMG Cody, sometimes I wish I had a nuzzle for him like we do for the dogs!!
 He is a very good Uncle, though, he loves Jolie & Maddox so much, but, he doesn't get that they are babies, especially Maddox, who is 8 mos old, he will "tell" on him, it's hilarious, it's like ok Cody should we put him in time out???
 My kids can drain the life out of me, but, I can't imagine life w/o any of them, they each add a little something different to it, and each one has their own personality, no 2 are the same, thats for sure!

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