Cornville, Arizona, yes, that is what I said, it is a iddy biddy little town with not a thing there but Pine trees & cabins, and yes, by the way, you have no phone service there, no matter what the provider, you have to have a land line. You ask, what was I doing there? My good friend Julie & I went on a womans retreat from Church, honestly the place was beautiful, but, for this New York girl a little too far out in the woods, at night, it was pitch black, the sky was beautiful, you could see every star for miles & miles.
 We stayed in a big cabin, that required going up a huge flight of stairs, which we spent most of the weekend going up & down those stairs. And due to my OCD problems, different blog, LOL, I did not sleep a wink the 2 nights we were there. The best part of the weekend was when we snook out and drove, not knowing where we were, until we finally found an antique store!!!
 As the weekend progressed, so did my back pain, between the rock hard bed, and the stairs, it was killing me.
 We left Sunday morning, took the scenic drive home, through Prescott and hit a few more antique stores. Can you tell yet, that we love antique stores??
 As that week went on my back & legs began to hurt more & more, and by friday, I felt like I had a blood clot in my leg, the pain was unbareable, I could not get my left leg comfortable, so at 9pm, we went to the ER, Julie took my kids. They took me right in, did an MRI, and admitted me, I had the greatest nurse, he was a gay man, who was so entertaining, and made what could have been a living hell, a not so bad time. 
 Of course I am there on a weekend, so not much could be done, I basically got the morphine, and that kept me semi comfortable.
 Now, it is Nov 5, a day before Cody's birthday, and as you know Cody is autistic, mentally retarded & bi polar, he has NO FILTERS. Well Nov 6 is his birthday, and he says to me, MOM , please don't die because that will really mess up my birthday!!!  Well, Thank you, sir Cody, wouldn't want to do that!!
 OK, finally, it's MONDAY YAY!!! a doctor is in the house, and his name is Dr. Hott, and I am NOT joking, and he lived up to his name, HOT he was & from NY, can it get any better than this???
 Well, Doctor Hott, had me transferred to another hospital, and told me I had no other choise but to get the surgery, which I was admantly fighting against, but, he & my family won the battle, he told me I would have the surgery the next day, spend about 4 days at the Hospital, and then go to rehab for a few weeks.
 It was a Tuesday morning, and I  was prepped for surgery & remember seeing Terry, Cody & My parents, and when I woke up I saw the same people, I was very drugged up, so wasn't feeling any pain.
 From what I have been told I had no clue between night & day, I called my son Daniel @ 2am and told him I was watching a Giraffe give birth, I called Julie and told her their were mice under my bed, and she needed to come get me, and it was 3am, she was getting ready to come get me, and her husband said, SHE WON'T REMEMBER SHE IS ON MORPHINE, and as much as I hate to agree with a man, he was right! I had no clue of the many phone calls I had made, and the crazy things I was saying. Apparently, I told a friend I  was a wedding planner for Brangelina, well I guess I failed miserably at my job, because that was 2005, and they are yet to be married!!!
 Healing, was difficult,I guess between my age & diabetes, it took quite sometime, I had spent 18 days in the hospital, and I wanted to go home so bad!!
 Me being true to form, I had my dad & Terry moving furniture around for me, because I would be walking with a walker for sometime, and I needed to make sure I could  fit through the spaces/ I must say, they did a pretty good job, and that was the first & last time they have ever moved furniture for me, again!
 I went to the rehab hospital, and honestly, don't remember much, they had me on so much morphone, that I was lucky to remember my name, my mom & Julie complained about them lowering the dosage, and it was much easier for them to have me completely doped up, so they didn't have to deal with me, than to have me on less meds, and OH MY, I MIGHT ACTUALLY CALL THE NURSES STATION!
 It was such a humiliating experience, I could not bend to wipe myself because of my back, so instead of sending a female nurse they send me a 30 something male nurse, EVERYTIME, to wipe me, I was somewhere between completely humiliating, and tears of shame. I dreaded going to the bathroom, and then it happens, I get the runs, and Mr. Good looking is sent in to clean me up, sponge bath style. After that I lost it, here I sit, I have had 5 kids, my boobs hang down to my belly button, and my stomach looks like a map of the US due to stretch marks, I know, so attractive, anyone reading this will never be interested in taking me out!!! LOL, so I called my mom crying, well, my mom's NY came out when she got to the hospital and after that I had no more men for ANYTHING!!!!
 18 days later I was released, I was told I would have to continue the therapies out patient. Terry took me into walmart, because I insisted I needed a pedi, and had to pick up the stuff, not thinking this through, I could NOT bend down, so my girls were giving me a pedi!!! Well, I get in one of thise electric carts & due to the morphone, I crash it into a jewelry rack, Oh yes, Terry just walked away and I was trying to explain, needless to say we left walmart!
 He took me home, and left to fill my scripts, well once I knew he was gone, I am on my hands & knees, scrubbing the floors, dusting, windexing,  and of course I had to vacuum, so I used it like a walker and away I went!! The only bad part, I  was caught, while the vacuum ran, Julie came in, and I was like OMG, she was so mad, she said I could have done it. The thing is Terry did it, being OCD, it was not good enough and if Julie did it, it would have been the same!!....I promise the OCD will be an upcoming blog!!!
 I was laid up for week & weeks, and became addicted to HGTV, and repeatedly called my dad, asking him if he could do a project for me, my dad was praying for my full recovery so I would stop watching HGTV.
 Eventually, I was up & around, and unfortunately, had another back surgery 18 mos later, again, another blog!!
 But, my advie to you is if you want your wedding planned don't call me, aparently I stink at it!!!
me & Julie, my partner in crime!