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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Mail Order Bride

 You meet all kinds, where ever you go, and the hospital is no different,
 Yesterday, I reported about the young Mexican girl on her first day, and the couple that had a hairdresser, & masseuse, and snacked on Red Lobster.
 Today, I am going to introduce you to Verna, she was a slightly over weight woman, average looking, blond, shoulder length hair, which she wore in a pony tail, and a bit of make up. Her accent was VERY strong, and I could tell it was probably Russian, I had her the day before with my other 2 MRI's, she was the one with the kind soul, & very nurturing, I am not sure if she had kids, but, she would have made an excellent mom.
 I would rather not go into detail about how my day was on Fri. I will just say, I had the most pain I have EVER had in my life, and remember, I had 5 childbirths with no medication, epidurals etc. I have had kidney stones more than a few times, 2 back surgeries, & a hysterectomy.
 What was causing this pain was a bowel blockage, something far beyond constipation. The nurses had no clue as to what they were dealing with, and I could not sit due to the pain. This went on for hours, as did waiting for my pain meds, which would have HELPED a great deal, instead, I waited 4 hrs later than my dosage, which means I went 8hrs in between.
 Now its about  5pm and I am due for another MRI, so my Russian tech comes, and I am explaining to her that I am having a hard time sitting etc. SO, she now knows what is going on. 
 She said to me, well listen up, I am a mail order bride, I lived in NY for 15 years, I was so happy that she was from my NY, I could have done the Irish jig, she explained how her family wanted better for her and she went to NY expenses paid to be his bride, and they are still married, they moved to Phoenix 6 years ago.
 She then tucked me into the MRI tunnel, almost like my mom tucking me in when I was a kid, she played nice relaxing music, and told me she was going to keep me longer to give me a break & relax me, she massaged my shoulders, & rubbed my legs, which felt wonderful, and then she gave me the MRI, I honestly was able to block out some of the pain, at one point I did hear myself tell God to take me now, because I can't live in this kind of pain, and I remember wanting an anesthesiologist, to put me out of my misery.
 Being skeptical after all I have been through, this MRI was seeming to last a long time, and my back was hot, and for a minute I thought, she is cooking me!!!
 The crazy thoughts that go through your head!! I must say, this woman knew what she was doing, soon after the test was done, I said, I needed to use the bathroom, I will say it hurt like hell, but, it got things moving, and the entire fiasco didn't stop until late Sat night.
 I think this will be the last blog on my hospital stay. For all of you kind people who ask how, I am doing, I am ok, no where near up to par, sleepy all the time, still having the headaches & neck aches, off footing & neurological issues, but, the doctors feel they will all go away in time, so I am just happy, because it could have been a lot worse~ 
 Thank you again, & keep up your prayers & good thoughts!!


  1. Amazing what one kind soul can do to change your whole day..unfortunately true about what one sour puss can do too! Glad you had this woman to care for you at least for a while. I know it really helped.

  2. There still are some angels of mercy out there thank heavens!!