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Monday, May 9, 2011


I have seriously been sound asleep twice tonight, both times Cody woke me up with a migraine, I gave him immitrex a heavy duty migraine medication, well, here we are 2 hrs doing it again, after this he can only have motrin, so this better do the trick! So, now instead of falling asleep and getting woken up again, I decided to stay awake, watching a lifetime movie, of course, and throw a load of laundry in, and What really bugs me is where all the matches go?? The socks, the panties  etc? Some are brand stinking new and I can't find it's match. DO they have a going on in there and the losers never find the light of day? Is it that easy, the loser collector comes around once a day and collects the unmatching, see if some match, match them up & discard the rest? This has been going on my entire laundry life, which is a very long time! And everyone has the same complaint, so there is something to this theory, I just haven't figured it out, yet!!! 
 The Second part about this that bothers me is why does my whole family think I KNOW where the un matching piece is, it is always mom, "wheres those brown boxers I bought last week? How the hell do I know I am not wearing them on my ass!!!
 If I knew where everything was that they thought I did, I would be a millionaire, I'd know all the answers to jeopardy & who wants to be a millionaire.
 All my problems would be over!! I suppose someone far more ocd than I could design a list of what goes in the wash, wash day & what comes out, & try and devise a pattern, ans it would involve a lot of searching next to the machines, behind etc, but, lets face it, I don't have enough time to find a missing paper,a coupon or anything else, and if you are a mom, well that right there has moved you up to miraculous state, where you know where everything is, what is wrong, and everything is your fault. Please people if i HAVEN'T covered it all please add to it!!!! And when you ask your husband or kids whats wrong and you get nothing, it MEANS SOMETHING & YOU BETTER PAY DAMN CLOSE. No on ever said life would be easy, but those missing pieces of  laundry really have me confused pre stroke!!!
 unless something out of my terrible control happens, we are going to take it light & easy on these blogs, I think we could all use a light & easy , mindless, relaxing experience about silly things such as Seinfeld episodes!


  1. Fantastic Blog...I havent laughed so hard since our last outing. What I have to add is, why is it they come to me to ask where a missing item is and I go to their room and pick it up immediately. So Funny. Just love your sense of humor. Keep us laughing.

  2. Kim, that prior comment is from me. Dont know why it came up as daughter. J