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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


  • Dan Mowbray
    53 minutes ago
    Dan Mowbray
    • So, lets see, you are "right with God", and God is alright with you turning on your Children, not to biblical Bitch!!!!!. I'm so glad God approves of the way you turn on the ones you Love. I'm back in the Valley to stay, if that troubles you I'm glad. I am here for my Children & Grandchildren and to enjoy all the blessing that come with being with them. I Love them all and that will never change. As far as you, keep living in your sick world, and I will stay in mine. This will be the best for both of us. But remember this, keep hurting our children, and you will one day, be all alone. Your Parents, your Children, and me will be better without you fucking things up. My Life is a better place and has been without you. But you may want to check out your God, her may be wearing Red. "Remember Bob Lehman" No more contact from the Evil one. And keep believing how bad a man I am, and I will see you in your nightmares. 

      while I was writing the last blog, moments ago, the ex sent me his nasty email for the day, it is actually nice compared to the rest, so thought I would post it. I am hurting, and he is living to continue to hurt me. The Bob Lehman he is referring to is a Pastor, who lead me through my divorce with him, so Bob has become demonic or  something in his book, believe me I know this man and he is getting sick pleasure out of this, he keeps reffering to me choosing to not to see the kids or grandkids, it is making me feel as though my brain is going to break in 2, I was told NO GRANDCHILDREN 2 years ago, because my daughters husband wouldn't let me see them because of Terry's drinking, which I offered to go there or parks etc. and it always was NO!!! As far AGAIN, the 2 olders sent an email saying they were done with me, and due to my health, sanity & family, I have chosen to oblique that, not w/o pain...What I don't understand is how they know I just stroked 1 mos ago and they can do this to me, the stress is like elephants sitting on my chest
        I am sincerely a wreck right now, everytime, I feel a tiny amount of peace it is snatched from me I don't do well with confutation's, & when its your very own kids doing this, the pain is unbearable. I now suppose he is God now & is predicting where I am going? 19 years divorced, and he still won't leave me alone, WHY?
                 Terry abd I & the 2 kids have been doing so good,  why muct he have to be here< 


  1. He is angry, maybe even hurt. Let it go or it will kill you. Hate, anger, it can be like a cancer and it will eat away at you. Fight in the spiritual realm, pray like you have never done before. What ever mistakes you have made, God is a forgiving God and will make you white like snow. As for the others hurting you, remember that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood. The enemy comes to kill steal and destroy. Keep praying even when everything seems to fall apart. God will intervene without you saying a word to them. Keep standing God will do what He needs to do and one day, one day, they will come again and there will be restoration.

  2. thank you Madeline, your words helped me, he is angry, it is sad that he is angry after 19 years of being divorced, a marriage he destroyed by cheating, the hard part is stepping back from my older children, but they are 25 & 27, the ones at home are 16 & 17, but mentally 7, I was there for the older ones, I need to be there for the younger, two. they need me to strive right now, and I will pray w/o ceasing, to get through this, THANK YOU!