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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Sheesh, what a crazy nights sleep we had here last night. I literally COULD not stop sweating, my hair is fairly long these days, and I was able to twist water out of it, I continued to knock the air lower & lower all night, as the night progressed, so did the body ache, and then it hit me, I am getting sick, GRREAT, Daniel & Jessica are coming for dinner, and it has taken us months to narrow down a date, you know these young people. I also woke up with one of my headaches, took my pill, and 6 hrs later, still had the headache, OOOPS! thats NOT supposed to happen, and it hasn't happened since I started these meds, so luckily it had been 6 hrs and was able to take another pill, lets just say, I could take pills until the cows come home today and this headache aint going no where!!
 I swept the floors & dusted real quick, & tried lying down for a while, I had chicken marinating in Buttermilk,I was making Daniel his favorite southern fried chicken, and then I though, RUT ROW< if Terry's cardiologist could talk to me now, it wouldn't be pretty! Last Sat he asked me to throw the deep fryer out! Honestly, I can live w/o it, but, Terry enjoys his fried food, but, it obviously don't enjoy him.
 So, I prepared the dinner ranch roasted red potatoes, fried chicken & corn, and then we FINALLY had that birthday cake for Daniel & Jennifers, birthdays, the 1st & 29th.Red Velvet cake, Jennifer chose the flavor, and within a few hours she was off again! These last 2 weeks have been crazy for her with school ending, she is now a Varsity Cheerleader, and she had to teach the Juniors, they had their cheer dinner last night, and their Avid award dinner Thursday, at one point, she breezed through the house, and I said, JENNIFER, you must be Jennifer!!
 We all seemed relaxed & a nice time had by all and then Cruella de Cody made an appearance, it wasn't too bad, because he was leaving at 5:30 for his awards ceremony for special needs little league, and Terry wanted to go with him, honestly, neither of us were up to it, but, this HAS ALWAYS been a father son activity they have shared together, so Terry didn't want to miss. Sarah even offered to take him for us, but, Terry insisted on going, and it is miserably hot out there so, I am not expecting him to be feeling good when he gets home. Tomorrow is going to be a day of vegging, sports & Lifetime movies!
 It was good to see Daniel & Jessica, and I wish they would just get married, already, every time they go to Vegas, I ask, and I always get NO, MOM!! Well, ya can't blame me for wanting grandchildren, that I can see!!!
 My precious little puppies were just that last night, nothing like the way they behaved the night before, I don't know if they grew horns that one night or what, but,they refused to go to bed. Today, there have been no accidents, that always makes for a good day in my book!
 Since I had my stroke I have dropped 20 lbs, I am really hoping I can keep this going, I have totally detoxed from sugar, because I actually turned away cake tonight, I don't think I have EVER done that before, or maybe I am not just sick, sweaty with a fever, I am dying and no one is telling me! I might want to take a harder look at this situation! Whatever it is, I am liking it and I hope to continue with it!
If MOMMA AINT HAPPY AINT NOBODY HAPPY < remember those words to live by and you will ALWAYS be happy!!!...try it, it's true!!!

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