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Friday, May 6, 2011


  It was a normal Nov morning, chilly and we still owned the house, and I was getting the kids ready for school, the routine was to let Crissy out, we had just bought a 6 week puppy that was a Yorkshire Terrier, named Max, he was priceless, after the kids were gone, and the house was quiet I went to let Crissy in and realized I hadn't seen Max. The thoughts that were running through my head were too scary to even give a second thought, but, I knew it, I just knew I had to go out there and check the pool. 
 Sure enough, Cody has accidentally let Max out and he was floating face down in the pool. I knew he was dead and could not bring myself to get the dog out, it was terrible, I had to shut the blinds so I could not see the pool, I just cried & cried. I called Terry at work, he came home and got the dog out of the pool, and we gave him a proper burial, then Terry went back to work.
 The day was so depressing, I got back on line and found a Morkie, for $450, which was a Yorkie/maltese, I went to get him, he was the last puppy left in the litter, all black, and you could tell this dog had HIS own way of doing things.
 The very next day I get a phone call from Terry's boss, Dennis the lawyer who owned the firm, to let me know Terry had a stroke & it was bad. I called Julie, and off we went to the hospital, one that seemed like we were there more than home , to this day just passing that hospital nauseates both of us.
 Terry was on life support, they  told me the odds were not good, and he may have severe brain damage, he was in terrible shape, Julie & I went into ICU and I could hardly compose myself, I have never seen anyone like that, hooked up to so many things.
 Back at home was a lonely Sir Samelot, so when ever I was home, I carried him around on my shoulder, he loved to go for car rides, and I swear he knew everything you said.
 Weeks went on, feeding tubes were put in, test after test was done, which each required me going doing there and giving my permission, finally, it seemed like their was a light at the end of the tunnel, he was doing so much better with his walking and therapies, but, was told, no more work, it had affected the part of his brain that retains information, and being a lawyer he would not be able to do that. OH MY Gosh, what do we do now??? Thats when we applied to social security.
 AFter 9 weeks Terry came home from the hospital & Sir Samelot {sammy } took to Terry he became his biggest buddy, I must admit, I felt a bit neglected, here I carried this little black son of a gun on my shoulder all day and he wants nothing to do with me??? 
 They became inseparable, so finally I just let Sammy go!
 Well, what goes around comes around, after having my stroke, Sammy wants me, he sleeps with me, I have been sleeping on the coach, since the stroke, because it is more comfortable than the pull out, so now Terry is sulking for his Sammy.
 Well the one, no one counted on is Sammy's son Treasure, he LOVES Sammy, and up until this week he wanted nothing to do with his puppies, now he & Treasure are together all the time, and treasure has Sammy's personality, is is so enjoyable to watch them, both,
 What I find amazing is a dog really does know someone sick & in need, because these dogs gravitate towards us if we have some medical issues. 
 They also become part of your family, I could NOT imagine my life w/o any of them, they each have their unique personality.
 BUT, they have started a new habit, that I do not enjoy, about midnight they get a second wind and you have all but me asleep, and 6 dogs are running, barking chewing, pooping, peeing, last night I am mopping the floor from 1-3am, swiffer or not, I was NOT in the mood!
 My routine is, come 10pm, I get on my couch and watch life time movies and unwind, and relish the peace & quiet until somewhere around 1-2am,
 SO puppies, Please let me have my time tonight, I have things to do tomorrow and need my down time!!

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