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Monday, May 16, 2011


 I think it would be miraculous, if, everyone went to bed, human, & dog, went to sleep, for the entire night and there were no natural disasters,& such, and we all just got a good old fashioned night sleep!!! BUT.......hell isn't freezing over anytime soon, and I think we have the same odds!!
 Last night, I should have known, Cruella de Cody took his shower w/o an argument, and on time, from day one Cody has never wanted to take a shower, it is a major part of his respite plan, and home care, now that he is almost 18 a shower is much needed more often, and he will argue to the bitter end, I dread dinner ending, because I know we will be broaching the shower issue shortly and it usually is a night mare, Not only did he take his shower he went to bed without incident.
 We went through our nightly routine, we sleep on a sofa bed in the living room, so when everyone is showered and done coming in & out of the kitchen we tell them, ok, the room is now our bedroom so if you need anything now would be a good time to get it, and they are not allowed in the living room until morning. You have to have some privacy, and time to unwind w/o the kids, so we start watching Army wives, we love that, have been watching it since it aired. Dracula even got in bed, and we did not hear him converse with us as Dracula all night!
 Terry was asleep after Army wives, I turned on Lifetime movie network, and I was set for the night, I usually don't stay up THAT late, I normally watch my last movie @ 11- 1, but, tonight there was a real good one coming on @ 1-3. 
 I had that terrible headache all weekend, and couldn't sleep, I had taken every med that I could and about 2:30am decided to take some ibuprofen, OH MY STARS, NOT AGAIN!!!!!, as I walk in the bathroom I have entered Niagra falls!!Water just pouring endlessly into the bathroom, down the hallway, it was the same nightmare that ruined the carpets weeks ago, and now it's going to give it a go on the wood floors, I had to wake Terry up, well he doesn't like being woken up, and I KNOW he is not going to like this, so Sammy gave us a break from Dracula, and Terry decided to play the role of Dracula last night. We used every towel we own, which is a lot, and quilts to absorb the water as quickly as we could, and it was by no means an easy task, we threw all the wet linens in the tub, until morning, and have been doing laundry for hours, & hours!
 As the water is now turning into a river in the hallway the puppies have discovered it and are trying to lick it up, Thanks guys, every little bit helps!!!We would need a few Rottweiler's to make a dent in that river, but, they gave it their best!
 We finally finished this fiasco @4am, missed the ending to my movie, and now the headache was a full blown migraine! I just hopped in bed, cuddled with my puppies and went to sleep for the 2 hrs until the kids get up for school. When they left, I took a heavy duty pill, and went into Jennifer's room with 2 of the dogs and went back to sleep.I woke up feeling like I had the worst hangover in the world, and believe me, I am not a drinker, I have probably only had maybe 3 hang overs in my life! I then realized I had a doctor's appointment, and there was no way I was going to make it, since I needed to leave NOW, and as I walked in the living room Terry said, OH my Gawd you look like hell!! And a good morning to you, too! But, he was right, I looked & felt like I had been hit by a truck!
 Bless his heart, the entire apartment was spotless and the floors were all done, you never would have known there was a major flood less than 12 hrs before, and now he is getting me Jamba juice!!! I don't know what happened to the "other" Terry, but, I really would like to keep this one around!!, just sayin
 I can't even say I don't  know what kind of day this is going to be, because, I don't remember yesterday actually ending, and today beginning, so the best I am hoping for is a peaceful day, getting the toilet fixed, YET AGAIN!!!and as much quiet that is humanly possible with 6 puppies & 4 humans, one being Cody! Happy Flushing!

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