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Friday, May 20, 2011


 Thursday of next week is our last day of school, the Seniors last day was today. Being in special ed, Cody has had an assistant assigned to him all year, a sweet girl named Jennifer, Cody really liked & respected her, and she knew how to work Cody, to the point that he thought he was working her, that takes skill!
 Well, The Poor Code man, comes walking off the bus holding 1 red rose, he looked like he was just given a rose on the final episode of the Bachelor, I couldn't tell if they were good tears or bad. 
 I said, "Cody, whats wrong?" He said Jennifer gave me this rose its her last day. He was happy & sad.
 First off, he had never gotten a rose from anyone before, so he was proud as can be, and he was sad that Jennifer would no longer be working with him.
 I explained to him, how Jennifer will always be in his heart, as a good memory & he would always have that, and next year, there would be a new aide, a new friendship, and something to look forward to. He seemed to understand what I was saying.
 So, he proudly has his rose in a vase in his room, asking me every hour if he needs to water it, and he is not getting the concept about flowers & their watering, I guess this will become a new lesson learned, taking care of cut flowers.
 Life is hard for all of us, but, even more so for special needs children, and so many people out there really touch their heart and don't realize how much. I thank you Jennifer for giving Cody a pleasant learning experience, & for touching his heart, and making a difference!

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