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Friday, May 13, 2011

The 3 extremitries

The past few days have been extreme for us in many ways, for starters, we have hit 100 degrees, or pretty close to it, just about everyday. We have been discussing whether or not we should invest putting a ceiling fan in the living room, which is where we sleep, the only room they put ceiling fans in are the dining rooms, which make soMUCH sense to me, because why would I want my food to cool down quicker? As in everything else is Arizona, its ass backwards,After 21 years, I am still trying to get used to their twisted logical way of doing things, and I don't think I will ever get it, maybe by the time I do, it will be time for me to check out!!
 For now, the dilemma is solved, we are so broke, we can't even afford a mislay little fan, I should & will be Thankful for air conditioning!!
 It has been a week today since Terry's heart attack, and instead of getting better, he is getting worse, I really believe he over did it the first few days, because, he made light of the situation, after all, he only had a stent put in, no by pass, no life support, like the usual things he is used to having done.Granted a stent is not as complicated as a by pass, but, anytime they go into your heart, it can't be good, it is some kind of warning sign, like the cheap colored Christmas lights flashing in a cheap hotel window BY THE HOUR!!! and if he doesn't start taking better care of himself, thats all he may have!
 Extremity, Part 2, Lets just say we had a conversation that was TMI, which honestly is this gals way, she really means well, she just likes to "share" things with others, that most  people don't like to  share. Lets just say, I may never pass this way again! Hey, Seals & Crofts 1979 our High School prom dance!! I could easily live another day in my life w/o EVER going down that road, or that conversation, AGAIN!!
 Well, gee, here I am, I have lost track, been 5-6 wks since my stroke, and I still am waiting to feel normal, ok, so maybe I should redefine what normal is, am I asking for too much? Maybe! I know there are people with far more damage than I, so why am I complaining, I should be happy that for the most part my life is "normal", there are just these minor complications here & there, and the things I hate the most are the episodes of confusion. Tomorrow will be a test to see if I have made any progress in this area, we are having Daniel & Jessica over for dinner, and Cody is staying home from respite to see them, and @ 5:30 Cody has his last special olympics games of the year, and Jennifer starts her first day of work, so I am not even sure if she is going to be home, this is just the kind of confusing day I was mentioning, I tend to get all weighed down, with when such & such a thing must come out of the oven, etc. It usually always works out, so it's time I hooked up with the swiffer and stopped worrying, you did say right??? Not only did you recommend the swiffer, since we recently got wood floors, the kind man who was a head of maintenance at ARROWHEAD Hospital, recommended, a rubber maid mop, that you make your own solutions, because, lets face it not every spill requires the same solution, the pads are microfiber, and machine or hand wash, and you receive several pads, now that makes swiffer look just plain ole boring!!I can't wait until I can get myself a new rubber maid mop!!! The things we look forward to later in life, well just think, as your spouse we must be so much easier to shop for since, we have collected most of our jewelry, and are getting ready to give some to our daughters!
 And the last Extremity #3, we have collected 6 dogs along the way, Crissy, the little white shaggy terrier, we have had the longest 7 years now, then Sammy, he is getting close to 4, he is a morkie, he is actually a funny looking guy, he is part maltese, part Yorkie, when Sammy turned 3, my friend Dee was breeding SHih_tzu's, and OF COURSE I HAD to HAVE one, so there became Lacey, due to pure neglect on my part, Lacey went into pregnant and BINGO, Sammy got Lacey Preggo's, so they were just born Jan 5, 2011, and they are call shorkie-tzu's, I held lacey in her bed from 10:30am, until &pm at night, that poor little girl was under 18 mos old and what a trooper she was,she birthed 4 pupies, 3 black boys, and 1 girl who is black & white and looks like her/ We named them all, Lenny, Wally,Treasure & Lucy, the little girl, we loved Lenny & were going to keep him, and for some unknown reason Lenny got sick, and died & we were devastated, and then from our 2 weeks of not bonding with the others, we went into over drive, and bonded with these babies, and there was no way we were going to be able to get rid of any of them!! Remember now, we live in a 2 bedroom apartment!, Normally these babies know what night night means, and they all run off to where they sleep and go to bed when its time, well, NOPE, not last night, I was on the computer @1 :30am, because they were loud, obnoxious, playing with their stuffed tigger
 So, here it is 7:30pm, Terry is asleep in bed, I am doing the blog, Jen is at work, and Cody is eating popcorn watching a movie, and I don't find sleepytime too far off, myself!
 Lets hope tomorrow finds itself much better than today, and lets hope that tonight has last night beat, hands down!!!

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