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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Spent the day just lazing around, as I planned, tee-hee, slept in, watched lifetime movies, & caught up with emails, and I had an enormous amount of personal emails, and FB emails, asking me how Terry and I were doing, so I figured todays blog would be an update on how we both are doing, and we do, so much appreciate all your concern & prayers.
 Terry keeps forgetting he JUST had a heart attack last Friday night, and the first 2 days home from the hospital he is out & about running errands, I kept telling him, he can't do that, well, by Thursday he could not get out of bed! So, since then he is spending more time resting and less time busying himself, he is just going a bit stir crazy, which I totally understand, BUT, he really needs to take this seriously, he has had way too many serious health issues, God's not going to keep giving him more chances, he's had more than most!! 
 He was so sweet today, You know I just love Jamba Juice, my daughter Jennifer got me started on it, and fortunately or unfortunately, which ever way you look at it, we have one directly across the street from us, that is how I lost I my 20+ lbs since the stroke, we were watching the end of a lifetime movie and he went to DVR it, I said, what are you doing? He said, well I don't want to miss the ending? I said, where are you going? He said To get you Jamba Juice!!! I was so thrilled, I had been craving it ALL day long, and didn't say anything, because we really can't afford it and I didn't want to send him out, what a lucky gal I am today! I could live on one of those a day & a small meal, and I would be fixed for life, and don't forget my diet flavored green tea! SO, as I type my blog here, I am sipping away at my jamba juice.
 As far as how I am feeling, in all honesty, I don't want to whine, but, I really haven't felt well since my stroke, good days bad days, or just life at almost 50. This is our hard time of the year, Once it hits 100, it really does play havoc with your body, mainly my head, so the already annoying headaches become far worse, and I seem to have more days than not that I don't feel well, I just pray that I feel well the days I have plans, like yesterday was a bummer, because I had been looking so forward to seeing Jessica & Daniel for dinner, and I felt so lousy and there wasn't ANYTHING that was going to help me feel better!
 Time for another one of those life time movies with my jamba juice!!! Blessings everyone!!!

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