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Sunday, May 15, 2011


 AS you know our family just keeps growing, that is our "puppy" family, We started 7 years ago, with Crissy, and almost 4 years ago with Sammy, 18 mos ago with Lacey, Lacey & Sammy, well, lets just say had an encounter one night, which resulted in Lucy, Treasure & Wally! Each one of these puppies have a personality of their own, each loving, & endearing in their own way. I know,...I blog about them way too often, its like they are my grandchildren, Until my kids get started in that area, I guess I will have to keep pushing the pups!!!
 Well one of our precious little ones took a personality turn, for the worse, Sammy, he is the Morkie, Yorkie/Maltese, he has always been sensitive, and made his moods very clear, and we would say he needed prozac, but, he was always sweet, unless he didn't know you, especially if you were a man.And whats wrong with that?  LOL
 The very first time I realized this was back in 2008 when Terry spent an extended stay in the hospital, Sammy slept with us, every night, he wouldn't dream of sleeping anywhere else, while Terry was in the hospital he slept up against the front door, like a statue, I don't think he moved once. For the next 2 years Terry had many extended stays in the hospital due to complications from his major stroke in Nov 2007 and each time, Sammy became more & more over protective, if a car drove past our house, he'd grawl, my dad used to laugh and say he sounds vicious, but, then you see him, he is the size of a cat with  legs that are maybe 3" long!! Very intimidating for Bruno & his counterpart breaking in.
 Well, it has been along while since Terry has been in the hospital, and last Friday night he had a heart attack & spent 2 nights in the hospital. I wasn't really thinking much about the dog and his sleeping arrangements, but, once it was bedtime, the statue was up against the front door again, and I just let him do his thing.
 Since Terry has been home he has been Sammy by day, Dracula by night, I don't even think prozac would cut it this time. He still insists on sleeping up against the door, ok, thats fine, EXCEPT that our door is in an outside corridor of other apartment doors, so anytime, anyone goes in or out, and makes a noise, he sounds like  a Rottweiler, and this starts as soon as its dusk, a few nights he came to the foot of the bed late at night, and has now developed a "voice" I will say, Hi Sammy, coming night night, and it's not a pleasant voice, its like he is Dracula or something, and he is saying leave me the heck alone, I want to sleep, I am exhausted from protecting this apartment!
 Dracula, loved going on walks, if you leashed him 100x's a day he would go, now, normally, I have puppy pads down, because I have designer dogs, and live in an apartment, so if he doesn't go out he will go on the pad, well, since Terry was in the hospital he will no longer go out, he cries for the leash, you get it on he goes to the door, and then runs like heck in the other direction.
 I don't know if he is afraid if he goes out when he gets back his daddy will be gone, so between the "leashcapades" The statue at the door & Dracula, this dog is  grading on my nerves & I am ready to give him a good ole shot of Jack Daniels tonight!! And if I don't, I can assure you one of my neighbors will!!!
 We are approaching dusk, so lets see what Dracula has in store for me tonight!!!

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