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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Normal day in the life of

 It was time to get back to a normal routine in The LaVoie household, so much has gone on since the "drama' that I decided to have a normal blog.
 The day was very normal when I received a phone call from Cody's school that he had just disrupted the class, OH MY CODY, when will it end? The teacher didn't have to tell me, I could just close my eyes & picture the entire thing and hear his mouth going,1 more school year, here & he graduates High School, BUT, unfortunately he will have the same teacher next year, and this years teacher has not been a good fit. He has to get up at 6 :15, which I don't blame him for struggling at that time, I am not a morning person, myself.
 The kids went off to school, and The UH went for his walk with Julie's dad, the one who just had his by pass surgery.
 Terry came home, and I am not kidding, I was crying hysterical over the nasty email I received from that physco ex husband, and then It hit me, NO MORE, he is not going to scare me anymore, I called my other friend Dan L, and said, lets go to walmart, I have 1 wall I need pics for. Dan L came over and Terry, Dan & I chatted a while, and off to wally world, and wouldn't you know, not 1 picture I liked, I am looking for Italian or French, countryside pictures, tomorrow Julie & I do lunch, so hopefully I will find one then, if not a good old hanging quilt to the rescue!!!
 It was a awful reminder that we were living our life in Phoenix, when the car temp read 97 degrees, and a big old 100 for tomorrow, which means, little make up, and hair goes up, we will see you hair in Nov, just in time to cut it!!!
 We came home, and both kids were out, so we all had a nice conversation, making plans for the weekend, Saturday is Jenn's 16th birthday, and Sunday is Mothers day, yes, it will be hard, but, I will try and get through it!!! I have 3 kids that love me & a daughter in law, & a husband who has been absolutely wonderful to me, trying to get me through this living hell.
 Well, we have a joke our days starts @4:30, thats when we hear the music for jeopardy, and there it was jeopardy time!!! I don't know why I try, Terry almost always beats me!!! But, I try, since the stroke, my brain is toast!!!
 After jeopardy, is the news, and todays big story is killer bees stung a man over 1000 x's I am curious what part of town, Phoenix is a big city, so hopefully its no where near here, I HATE BEES!!!!
 Haven't spoke about the wood floors much because of the "drama" but, I actually love them, they are so much easier than carpet with all these dogs, they look wood, they are faux, but, you would never know.
 Terry wasn't hungry, I had sonic, & the kids are eating at their friends, Terry just left for an AA meeting, so I am just going to kick back, call my friend Carmen, who is in the hospital in Georgia, and then hope I can find some good lifetime movies, my all time favorites!

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