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Monday, May 23, 2011

I have been Hacked!

  I eagerly awoke this morning, looking forward to a visit from a very old friend & her hubby, from Los Angeles, Kathy & I haven't seen each other since Sept, and over the past few years, that was quite a stretch.
 I went about my morning routine, and when it got to FB time, that's when my day started going down the crapper.
 I log in, as I always do, and FB, so kindly informs me I have been hacked, and my account has been locked. GREAT, and you have a wonderful day, too!
 I worked for hours trying to unlock my account with no avail. I finally had to stop, because I was stuck in the same place for hours, and it didn't look like I was going to figure it out on my own.
 Well, we have 2 computer genus' our own Amanda Laswell, & Kathy's hubby. Well, what a coincidence, he would be coming over later!
 This one is on you, sorry buddy, I HATE to ask you to work while we are visiting, BUT live w/o FB, not an option!!!
 Have you ever tried a day w/o FB, you feel as though the world has come to a screeching halt, your entire routine feels off, how DID we survive w/o FB, and if for some reason we could no longer have FB, it would seriously be devastating, OK< the hubby is cracking up, but, it's true, try a day w/o it, and you will see.
 Come on, can you imagine a day w/o knowing who's relationship went from married to it's complicated, or a post saying someone was In a relationship? And what about all the requests for farming stuff, now that I really could do w/o!!!
 You can't go to bed without reading what delicacy J made for dinner, or if K's dog is feeling better, and that last try at beating your friends score on the many games you play
 All I knew was I was NOT even going to chance life w/o it!!!
 Kathy's hubby came through, again!!! and thanks to him you are reading this blog right now!!! OK, I know, a few of you are thinking Gee thanks, Kathy's hubby, another night of reading the blog, UGH!!....  LOL

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