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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Day 5 since Terry had his heart attack, he came home from the hospital late in the day Sunday, What a mothers Day present! But, I have watched him over do it more & more each day, and I would normally say, you can't tell a man to slow thing down, but, in all fairness, us women are no different! 
 He has been walking, which is good, BUT I think he started out too much, too soon, and he has been running errands, that I keep offering to do, but, since he usually deals with the finances etc. he is insisting he HAS to do these errands so he can keep on top of things.
 Today he finally realized OH GEE< I had a heart attack, & a stent out in and I think I am supposed to rest to heal. I was very proud of him, you know we sleep in a pull out sofa bed in the living room, and he actually said he was leaving the bed out all day so he can rest in bed. And then last night, we had a good friend call and he wanted to come by today, and he had me tell him no, that he NEEDED to take it completely easy today. I am glad that he is listening to his body, and I pray that he continues to do so.
 I must say I am giving myself a mental health day today, I am sitting here typing on the recliner, the kids are in school, and that is VERY short lived, and our entire routine will change, YET AGAIN!! Is maybe that what life is ALL about, constant changed routines, and learning how to go with the flow?
 It seems like our family has had a lot of that going on, first my stroke, and honestly, we haven't bounced back from that change,and just as we were coming up with some kind of new routine, Terry has a heart attack, so the routine, or somewhat OF A routine changes again. AND THE BAD NEWS IS, I am like Cody and I can't stand any kind of change in my routines, so this is becoming a lesson for me, and not an enjoyable one, at best. But, as I always say, if you can learn something from whatever situation you are going through, than it's worth the pain, anguish, and whatever miserable feeling you are feeling, and hopefully, you learn a new lesson, and never repeat that behavior again, because what is the definition of insanity: If you do what you always do, you are going to get what you've always gotten.And I think I have learned enough lessons to validate I am insane, because I am a creature of havoc, & tend to constantly react the same way, my goal now, is to try and learn how to react differently.
 In the meantime, I hope that me & my family, and this game called LIFE can make the best of it, because, honestly, what else REALLY does matter?? Feel better, Terry, stay rested, & remember you are NOT superman!!!

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