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Thursday, May 5, 2011

God comes in all things

  Unless something earth shattering happens with my ex husband I will no loner give him an ounce of "air time". 
  Yesterday I woke up to a very, angry, nasty email calling out just about everything in my life, including my faith, which is a VERY personal issue that he has no RIGHT going there.
 For starters he called me Bible bitching, Have no clue what that means & if anyone does could you please let me know, he also insisted that I was not right with God, but, he was, as far as I know we are not to judge who is right or wrong with God, that is his pleasure, and when the time is right, he will do his job, and I am quite sure he doesn't need my ex at his side for guidance,
 Then he told me when I was going to meet my maker, he would be dressed in red!! I so much wanted to respond, Oh lucky me, Santa will be at the pearly gates, handing out presents on my death!!!
 Then he went as far as trashing a Pastor who was our Pastor when we divorced, well the reason for that is that HE supported me, and Dan Mowbray DOES NO WRONG, so anyone who supported me, he is out to get, and he won't let it go, as I have said, we have been divorced 19 years, can you imagine this garbage going on this long???
 I have surrendered my 2 kids to the Lord, along with my grandchildren, that doesn't by any means,mean I don't love them, and gave up on them, if the ex wasn't threatening me, telling them lies, & them being VERY disrespectful to me, none of this would be happening.I can't battle him and constantly defend myself from the lies he tells them, and I WILL not tolerate the horrible disrespectful words that come out of their mouths. Just the other day, Dan M told Cody, my handicap son, your mom is evil & she disrespects all of her kids, even you, Cody is a mama's boy and came home in tears. For the record I love Megan & Scott with all my heart & would & always will, but, I must step back because he ordered them out of my life, & you ask, what 25 & 27 yr old listens to their dad like that? The answer is, you would have to really have to know my ex to understand., I will always love my grandchildren, but, in reality, I never had them, and that rips my heart out.
 My priority is my 2 kids still living at home, my husband & my son Daniel & his GF Jessica. Saturday we are finally having Jennifer's 16th birthday party with all friends, and my oldest son & GF Jessica, and  Daniel is Dan M first born, but they haven't spoken in over 10 years, because he saw his number!
 Unless it's major, I do not want to discuss Dan M anymore, it upsets my stomach, and has me tense, so Goodbye, and I will be hoping for those presents in heaven, because I KNOW who my God is and who I will come face to face with, and he won't be wearing red!!!

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  1. HI Kimmy,
    hope all settles down for you. Stress is not good for you.
    take car and I will keep you in my prayers.