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Friday, May 20, 2011

Crossing a line

 Those of you who follow my blog on a regular basis, know that last month I posted some pretty personal heavy duty stuff about what was going on in my life, I had just had a stroke, and my brain was quite scrambled. It created, or I should say I created a mess of my life, by allowing my emotions to control me. I had too much going on at one time, and couldn't handle everything at once, and in all honesty, I have yet to feel "normal" physically or emotionally since the stroke. The reality was that stuff was going on, I should NOT have posted in the detail that I did, not giving other people a choice if their names were mentioned, I took it upon myself to make that decision for us all, and I am sorry.
 I have learned that I can't handle certain issues in my life, and that is the root to everything I have felt, and I am working on things, as best as I can.
 I just want to say that I am sorry to those I offended, for those of you who thought I crossed a line, and I am putting my life in God's hands, and will see where he leads me.
 In the meantime, I feel confident in saying that, I am beyond heart broken that Megan & Scott, my 2 children are not speaking to me, nor am I allowed to see my grandchildren, those who know me, KNOW that my ex husband can not allow the kids to have a relationship with both of us, and once he returned to Phoenix the problems, started and we were all done w/i a week. This is typical, this is NOT something I have a problem posting, because it defines where I am in life right now. However, I will not be posting it again, I just want you to know that, that issue is unresolved, probably never will be, and my goal is to let go, of MY children & grandchildren, I am finding that the hardest thing in my life to do, but, it is a must, or I will end up with no family. If I am hurting I will blog and just make a reference to dealing with "my loss". 
 I just wanted to apologize, explain, update and say Thank you to the many people that have stuck by me, and got me through, I am sorry to my parents for the things I said, no excuse, and I pray life moves forward from here!....GOD BLESS!!!!

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