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Friday, May 13, 2011

The neurotic mother

 So, all day yesterday blogger was down, and I was going insane, I had so many things I  wanted to blog about, and then the last event of my day is  what I am blogging about.
 For some reason I was browsing facebook, and I happened to notice that Jessica, Daniel's fiance was no longer on any of our accounts, I went into a state of panic, first thought being Oh no, what did I say, and then OH MY GOD they broke up, he must be devastated, and the list went on and on and on. 
 so, what do I do, what any crazy over protective mother of a 29 year old would do , call him @ 1:30am, and SURPISE!!! I get voice mail!!! Then about 15 minutes later Jessica calls back, and told me she had a virus in her computer and last time she just cleared her account, and it went away.
 I took the phone in the bathroom so I didn't wake up the entire household, well, those of you who know me, know I have a hard time keeping my voice down, true to form, Terry comes walking in as I am hanging up, WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO??? I said Jessica, and he just looked at me very strange, and I guess he figured I am NOT going to go there!!!!
 She just started a new job with dish network, she had been going to school f/t, but, Daniel lost his job to a p/t job until college basketball starts up, so their system seems to be working well for them.
 Jessica proceeds to tell me that when she walked in the door, it smelled so good, Daniel had made her spaghetti & Meatballs, my  meatball recipe??!!!I was so proud of him!! Then she told me I did a really good job raising him, that he cooks & cleans, is kind & respectful, there are no better words that a mother wants to hear. Daniel was always a good, respectful kid, always helpful, but clean??? You got me on that one!!....But, according to my mom my room was like a trash can & as soon as I got my own place, over night I became OCD clean, sooooo, stranger things have happened.
 Daniel's favorite dinner was always my southern friend chicken, so tomorrow, they are coming for dinner, southern fried chicken, ranch, red roasted potatoes, & corn, all his favorites.
 I don't care how old your child is, you are always going to worry and for some reason the bad thoughts come into your head a lot quicker than the good thoughts, why is  that? Once a mother, always a mother, there are no favorites, despite what my second & third would say, it is just different with your first, for some people it is in a good way, for others it is in a bad way, In my particular case, it is in a good way
 I am proud that I raised a good, thoughtful, responsible young man, who doesn't hesitate to do his part. I know he will make an excellent husband some day and you can't blame a mom for hoping, he will make an awesome dad, they say they don't want kids, I said that, and  I have 5!!!
  Either way, I am proud of them both, they are both awesome kind, loving, responsible people who together will go far in life, they compliment each other very well. We love you both!!  XOXO

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  1. Hey hun, when you feel the need to write, but can't access blogger - just type it up in wordpad which is standard in all windows platform computers (PC's & Laptops). Start>>All Programs>>Accessories>>Wordpad. Then, when it's up and live again - just copy & paste it into your blog.

    Generally I write my blogs using Word because we're traveling - and once I have a stable internet connection, copy, paste & post.