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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thrifting, pampering & keeping in style for a dime!!

For about a year now I have been using garnier nutrisse hair color, white chocolate,whats funny is it never comes out the same color twice, so I have tried a few other ones that were similar, and the roots, even though I do them first & longer they remain darker, and when I put my hair up, you can REALLY notice the difference, the pony tail is platinum blond, and the roots are not!!! SO, what color is my hair?I can probably answer that best by answering what color my hair is NOT!!
 I do like garnier nutrisse, it conditions your hair nicely, and and it doesn't run all over the place, and the instructions are simple, if you want a simple, do it yourself at home hair dye I recommend garnier nutrisse, but, your box can say vanilla mocha,white chocolate, caramel blond,and probably six other names, and you will virtually end up with the same color.

 However, you do save yourself quite a bit of money, and I find the condition of your hair to be as nice as the professional quality from a salon
 If you are looking to be a smart shopper this is the way to go if, you are looking for pampering  the salon is the way to go, but either way, you will get a nice coloring, and your hair will be in good condition, & as close to the color as you want it to be.

I have talked quite a few people into going the "poor mans" way, and they have actually been happy with garnier nutrisse, if you do decide to try, please let me know what you think!

 In todays economy it certainly helps to be alble to still pamper yourself, and save a buck while doing so. The first thing to go is usually our mani/pedi, hair cut/color, and as soon as we loose those things we start feeling badly about ourself, and then hopeless about our situations, so you see, it is very important to keep up with yourself when times are tough, to keep you from feeling down in the dumps. I have gone in a few thrift stores where I found a knock off coach bag really cheap, boy did that make my day!  and a lot of clothes for next to nothing, I walked out with flip flops, slip ons shoes, a denim skirt, 2 shirts, & 2 denim shorts all for $9.45. I haven't "thrifted" in a while, I think it's time to make a date with my thrifting buddy really soon!!
 When planning your weekend, later on in the week, think about yard sales & thrift stores!!!

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