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Friday, May 6, 2011


 As most of you know we have accumulated 6 dogs, the first dog Crissy, was a rescue dog, we had no intentions of even getting a dog and me & the kids, who were real young then, 2004, went into Petsmart and saw the most adorable white furry dog dressed in a red Santa Suit, and NO she wasn't my God!! { refer back to last blog} we just fell in love with her, and she with us. 
 The people there said, they were surprised  they have had her a while because she is so shy and she usually doesn't bond with anyone. SO we knew then, we HAD to have her, it was Dec 5, 2004, she was 7 mos old, she was fixed, had her shots and everything came to $75, who could pass that deal up.
 We brought her home, and mind you, Terry had no clue we were getting a dog, hadn't even had a conversation, and in the door we walk in me, Cody, Jenn & Crissy, well he was NOT happy! 
 I knew this too shall pass because Crissy is so sweat & Lovable, that he wouldn't be able to help himself, and I was right.
 Night one, this dog was scared to death, I asked Terry is she could sleep in bed with us, he said, 1 night, and then she goes back on the floor, well 7 years later Crissy hasn't left the bed! We had to up grade to a King size bed, then when moving here and having to sleep on a queen size,AND have 6 dogs in our bed, it has gotten a bit crowded!
 Well, Crissy is very playful for a dog her age, and we have a sliding glass door in our living room, that flies hover about outside the door, well from the inside she tries and catches these flies, day in and day out, running in circles trying to catch flies, that she will never be able to catch. The good part for her is she has fun doing it and she is fun to watch, she is the sweetest, most gentle,loving dog, she wouldn't hurt a fly, LOL!!!
 Well, as I reflect on my life this past month, I have been chasing flies, ones that I am never going to catch, I too have a glass door between me & the flies I am trying to chase, the difference between me & Crissy is I get no enjoyment from this, I get hurt, frustrated, & depressed.
 Bottom line is, I am who I am, 
 The truth is, I have a wonderful, supportive husband, 3 children & a daughter in law who love me,a large group of real sincere friends, that most people would love to have,a nice apartment, I have a roof over my head,and all that other stuff doesn't matter,
 Sure it hurts like hell to have family members 'hate" me, because they can't understand me, but, I am done chasing flies, and I am going to focus on what I do have, and thats a lot!!!!

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