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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


    • Wow I'm so done with you acting like this. I haven't done anything to you and you are running your mouth with lies about me once again. You really need to grow up and stop acting like the world revolves around you. do you ever think maybe there is a reason why your family wants nothing to do with you ? Sit there and continue to tell lies about me. I really don't care anymore. You obviously have nothing better to do with your sad little life. You have no grandchildren so keep my kids names out of your mouth.
  • Megan Mowbray
    • Oh one more thing. I have reports of abuse in your home that by law I have to report to my company. So have fun with that and leave my family alone for good
      Dan Mowbray
      Dan Mowbray
      • Deal with it!!!
        OK, What the Hell are you doing with our Children. I come over and meet with you and Terry, Scott comes along and spent the time talking to me. Cody is coming over here telling us he is getting punched in the back by Terry. And then because know one in the family wants to get together for Jenifer's 16th. Birthday, you start blogging, you don't have a Son & Daughter, or grandchildren, and praising some of the kids and trashing the others. No excuse, Medically or Mentally justifies railing Our Children like this again & again. You Damn well know the History of Birthdays And Holiday for us with Our Children were some of the Shit Nightmares are made of. And Jennifer, this week is the chosen one, and next week she be in trouble fighting in school and she'll get the shit. If you ever want to bring family together and see your Grandchildren, this will never help. Cut out the Shit on the Blogs and slamming your Children. Both Scott & Megan were so sick last week, I was the only one well enough to keep things going, and your slamming them.
        Scott is very busy looking for work, and Megan is always busy with her Children and watching only children. (One who is yours). Straighten this out with your adult Children, and stop repeating the bad habits you had with
        your mom & dad

        Here are copies of all the hurtful emails I have been recieving, daily, and I have not responded to to any of them. As you can see I am being TOLD I don't have grandchildren,and keep their names out of my mouth I was TOLD we{me & Scott} were at the end of the road, and he NEVER wanted to hear from me again, and the ex has ordered me knock off the blog shit, wee I have been blogging almost a year, I Love to write! And understand in this situation my counselor told me to blog or journel, I like blogging I like the feedback/
        The "lie's Megan is talking about is, I found out she was reading Jessica's FB and I told her that it was probably her dad who was actually reading it, and it were up to her what she wanted to do,but, I knew they had gotten in mine by a comment that was made on the phone, so Jess decided to delete her, as did I, and that was that 
        My husband is NOT a child abuser, and that falsehood, is coming from Dan, well thats not something to threaten, and I am very angry and that had never been spoken, since the last time Dan was here in Phoenix. So, as you see I have it from every angle, just because I wanted to give Jenn a sweet 16, well shame on them, because we ARE having one, one way or another. 
      .You have crossed a line that you cannot come back from. To disown me publicly without just cause or provocation is an act that I cannot forgive, forget or get past. Let me make this clear: At no point now, or in the future do I wish to reconcile, I made it clear the last time we had a falling out that I would not tolerate any more mind games or personal attacks. We have reached the end of the road, I have only one thing left to say: I NEVER want to hear from you again.
      this ia from Scott 27
      SO, what I have gotten from a lo of this is STAY away from your grandchildren, Megan & Scott are done with me, when I age I will have no one, I am not of the Lord, but Satan, & remind you I haven't engaged into a conversation with any of them, at any time.
       And that Dan is here to stay to be for HIS family, because I am incapable, AND that my husband has beaten my child, well how come Megan didn't report it, she is his worker, why haven't me or the school noticed these injuries// What a Cruel, cruel way to live your life.
       After being divorced 19 years!!!Who carries a grudge that long? and for the record, I was an abused wife, mentally & physically, AND he was cheating on my with his brothers wife!!! SO, he is no saint! I have spent the past 19 years since we divorced, building a business, married Terry had 2 more kids, 1 of which is hanicapped, and very high maintenance, & raising Dan's kids until they were 18, please forgive me for I am not perfect, however I have morals, and try to do the right things in a situation, I don't live for revenge, I would just like life is ease up and let me heal from losing for my family!

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