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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


 Can you hear it, if you listen ever so slightly you can hear it, Kimmy, kimmy come to Florida!!!
 For once I don't want to discuss my health, I want to discuss something that would make me feel so good!
 I really would like to go to Florida late June, early July, first off I think everyone needs something to look forward to, it really helps you get through the tough times.
 My travels bring me to Jacksonville, My friends Michael & Bren live there, Bren is among the under 50 stroke club like me, & Michael I have known each other since I was 15, It would be great to spend a day or 2 with them!
 Then onto Orlando, because my granddaughter Jolie, LOVES her pooh people, she calls them her toons, and we want to get her the figurines, HERE, you are lucky to get 3 in a package, in Orlando, the land of Disney, you can get a package of the whole stinking toon family, Orlando Rocks!!! and so will Grammy if she brings home all the toons...LOL!!!
 I also want to meet up with all of our friends from last years reunion, so we can eat at Lenny's oops I mean Denny's every morning. I can't wait to take our 1 day drive to FT Lauderdale to see Jimmy & Dave, I really enjoyed the boardwalk there, shopping,& restaraunts!!!
 After the Orlando stay I would like to go see Aunt B & Uncle D in Palm Coast, as Cody put it, they are nice to you mommy, they bought you a big white drink!!! WEll, they sure did,a FRIBBLE from friendly's how I miss that place, and now my cousin MaryBeth has me hooked on the friendly's franks, and Aunt B got me with the onion rings!! Do I look like I need all this food???
 I also love to just spend time with them, they are my very best cousins & AUnt & Uncle,  we never run out of things to say!!
 Then the trip takes me back to Jacksonville, my friend Carmen, lives in SOuth Georgia, the closest airport is JAX, so I will finally meet her friend Sandy, and Carmen & I will go back to her house for a few days to a week, you see, we have NEVER met, but have known each other 15 years, she taught me how to sew over the internet & phone calls! We call each other hellmates, because we always seem to be going through the same bad times at the same time, you know misery loves company??? LOL
 I look forward to just sitting & talking on her couch, we are both broke, physically & financially, between the both of us, it hurts us just about everywhere!!! But, I trust you, we will NEVER run out of things to say, we want to cook nice dinners, kick back, and just enjoy each others company!
 SO, I know God is still in the business of miracles, so I am asking for one now!!!!

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  1. Yes he is a Miracle Making God. I do so pray you get 100% better and that you get to come see me, it will be fun. Maybe we can have a miracle and even get to go some places while you are here! LOL!