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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


 The first 24 hrs in the hospital seemed to be fine, actually more than fine, meds & meals on time, whenever I needed something they were right there. Well, the party was over the minute the "roommate" showed up.
 Heck, I don't know who she was, or was related to, but, she was in the wrong hospital, sharing a room with the WRONG person!
 She came in around 9pm, with this aggravating voice, Fran Dresher"ish" but, no N.Y. accent, she whined, and all she had to do was look at her husband and he knew exactly what to do, and did it. Will someone please tell me the secret??? 
 The hubs was unpacking a good half hour, I don't unpack that well in a hotel, she brought her nice luggage set, had all kinds of clothes, from jeans to dress pants hanging in the closet, several pairs of shoes, lady, I don't know where you are but, I thought all I needed was the gown, they provide for you & those beautiful socks!!, my closet, on the other hand, had my out ft to wear home, one that I am sure came from wal-mart or Target, I had a strong feeling she never shopped in those stores!!
 I have NEVER in my life heard of someone being on sooooo many drugs, she took morphine & methadone, and other pain meds, I never heard of, she got pills almost every hour, & still whined, I am thinking, what the heck is wrong with her, and it better not be contagious!!
 Now, let me get this straight, she was whining, because that was the way she communicated, I did not hear her in pain. When it was time for my meds, I was now waiting HOURS past my time to receieve my meds, and her meds were there before they were do, who is this person, there is a curtain between us, so I can't even see her,I wanted one of my dogs to come like ToTo from the wizard of oz and move that curtain, when they FINALLY got around to giving me my meds, I said I should be getting another dosage right now, you have entirely skipped a dosage, and my pain is about a 7, and why it is that she gets her meds the minute they are do?? Well, then we all became quiet!
 All, I wanted to do was sleep, it was now 2am, and I am in pain, and she is whining to her husband lights on brighter than bright, I finally had to ask her to dim the light some, so I could sleep, by the attitude, that didn't go over well.
  OK, so, now it's Friday, I had the day from hell, will make it another blog, but, I had honestly been in the worst pain I had EVER been in in my life, including child birth!
 Early is the evening I went out for ANOTHER MRI, Yes, another blog, and the tech knew what kind of day I had, she was amazing to me, and I will blog about her tomorrow, she gave me almost 90 min peace, and God knows I needed it!
 I get back to my room, and there they are, Lights ALL turned on TV blasting, I decided I was not going to let them get to me. A few minutes go by and she asks me if I could please turn MY lights on, as the person who does her hair is coming, OK, meanwhile I had just said to the nurse I am putting on Dateline & hopefully falling asleep, now remember I had the worst day of pain in my life, and the bedfellow knew it. So, I lit the lights, and in walks the woman and she gets a hair cut, she calls for maintenance, like they are her slaves, that really annoyed me, they had thoroughly cleaned the room hours ago, they are on call for vomit,  not hair cuts, so they refused to come!!
 Next, in walks a woman in a white robe, and she announces she is the masseuse, and the bedfellows both get their massage, and all I want to do is sleep!!! AND now we are over an hour late on MY meds, but, they are bringing her meds every hour, so I call the nurse, takes forever for them to come, and I finally lost my New York gasket!! I said, with a tremble in my shaky drunk sounding voice, from the stroke, I said, why is it that because she OBVIOUSLY has money & I DON'T, I becomes less of a patient? I am NEVER getting my meds on time, I call the nurses, you know I am having diahrrea issues, and no one comes, and I am hooked up to a million things here, so I am forced to sit in it, and I did develop what I guess you would call terrible diaper rash, I was in tears. They apologized, but, nothing changed, as I blog on during the week, you will see.
 So, I am cleaned up, medded and exhausted & the bedfellows decide they want a snack? Ice cream, taco bell etc??? NOOOO, RED LOBSTER!
 So, I sat smelling red lobster, when I haven't had an ounce of food that day and only lunch the day before!!! My mouth was watering something fierce!!!!
 FINALLY, Sat morning she was released, and I could finally sleep.
 I am not saying I am a great roomie in the hospital, but, people should think of the needs of their roommates, try to remember if they are there, they are there for a reason, and some of us, "think" we are in terrible pain, and devour all the nurses time, while others of us, are in real pain, and only need the nurse for 5 min to administer our meds. What started as what I thought would be a break, ended in me wanting to come home more than ever!
 Tomorrow, I will be blogging about the worst day of my life, EVER, seriously, the care & sympathies of strangers, who don't even speak my language, and my guardian angel!
 Until then, be healthy, be happy & be blessed!!!

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