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Monday, March 28, 2011

Breaking News......KImmy's going on a field trip!!!!

 Before I start typing from the HAND WRITTEN blog I wrote, my first night in the hospital, I just thought it was important to mention the hospital's internet was down due to a virus, and, I had no internet access at all!!

 YIPPE SKIPPY, Kimmy finally gets that much needed vacation, field trip, which ever you choose to call it!~
 This field trip was one of those spur of the moment,  unplanned ones, They say sometimes, those are the best. Taken from a well know national news station, We report, you decided, I think we will do the same, concerning how practical & helpful this field trip was.
 It started with this mornings 8am wake up call, from the UH,Remember in my lingo there is no DH it is UH, unbelieveable husband, because one never knows what they will do next, I reluctantly got up, fatigue has been a symptom I am dealing with everyday, since these headaches started.
 We made it to the hospital, pretty uneventful, but, that is where it ended. As I entered the hospital, I began to loose my balance & instinctively grabbed the lady next to me, which was an 80- yr old lady working the information desk!!! OMGosh, what next, don't ever be me and ask that!!! The lady then decides it would be best if I was in a wheel chair, Good thinking, lady!!!
 So, the journey begins, my head is pounding, I am loosing my footing,  my speech sounds as if I had tequila for breakfast!
 I get an ultra sound in my corotted artery, luckily, it was only 15% blocked, which was good, It meant no stent would be needed!!
 Since I had all these symptoms they decided to send me to the ER, I have had more dates, this year with the emergency room, than I have with my husband!!!!
 They took me right away & put me in the "critical" room, well, the only difference between the critical room & regular room is, the critical room you don't get any TV!! How fair is that?? Don't you think if I am critical, I deserve to know whats going on, on General hospital????
 Part 2 of the field trip starts with the CT scan, not, so bad, on the way down I even got to do a little shopping, and picked out new hospital socks in a nice color blue that I don't have!!!
 It was after the C/T scan that they decided I was going to have a sleep over,, not the kind with the movies & popcorn! The menu consisted of 2t salad with no dressing, canned pears, which I HATE, and regular shots of pain meds & valium.
 To make matters worse, I was told the hospital computer system was down, AND there are 6 extra channels, the locals, and ESPN 1 & 2 and it's March Maddness, and 2 channels re running LAW 7 ORDER, just like home, over & over again, So, basically, here I was planning a nice evening, a nice snack, & lifetime movies, well hell would be freezing over before that fantasy would become a reality.
But, I had a hot date with yet another c/t scan, this time with contrast@ 10 pm, WOO-HOO, I get to stay up past my bed time!!!! And stay off my blood sugar meds, so as the days progressed, my sugar started going through the roof and I wasn't even eating!
 The next morning starts, Thursday, with an MRI on my brain, and cervical spine, so it was about an hour long.
 My good friend Dan Lane brought me Taco bell, and thank the Good Lord he did, because it was the only meal I ate in there, all those days!!! 
 I was now starting to lose track of the days, and the effects of the constant IV pain meds being put in me was affecting me, my balance was about the same, and some weakness on my left side, speech was getting better everyday, brain was still moving slow & still is, but, it could have been FAR worse!!
 MY nurse was a young girl, and I pulled her aside and said, when I get the next MRI I need to take my belly button ring out, can you help me? I was so embarrassed, I am like, my girls made me do this, I am turning 50 , they wanted me to do something memorable, well they just laughed, and were
pierced & tattooed everywhere!!!
 As when ever I travel, I request a window seat, and this time was no different, I had a big window seat overlooking building tops, little did I know that having THAT bed, was going to come back & bite me!!
 Before The second C/T scan I did get a little more shopping in, I had been collecting quite an assortment of bracelets, all different colors, so when I got the yellow one that said fall risk,  I asked, am I going to get a pink one? and they said, you have all the colors but 1, that 1 is purple & it means DO NOT RECESITATE, so I don't think you want that one???!!!!
 Well, night one, here we stand, I thought I'd have a night of no kids, cleaning up puppy poop, no UH, lifetime movies, a good snack, the internet all night long,, and in reality, I do have the room to myself, & what a BLESSING that would be, not knowing what was in store for me, I have no internet, LAW & ORDER,& SPORTS I did sleep good, and boy was I going to need it!
 So, what you could look forward to is the mail order bride from Russia, the Poop & the Spoon, a confirmed stroke, the Roommate,  N.Y. VS AZ, and we know who ALWAYS wins that one!! Insulin injections, coins for a FB game, & much more!! So, please keep following!
 Just so you do know, I did have a mild stroke, I have weakness on my left side, my speech is slurred, but getting better, I am VERY tired, my vitals are good, just low blood pressure & a bladder infection. My degenrative disc disease has moved into my neck, and may need surgery in the future, and I have occipital neuralgia in both nerves, along with migraines, most of which is treatable, not curable! I also have RA through out my body, I will be seeing a pain specialist after the neurologist next week.
 So, I must bring this to a close, I am exhausted! Will blog more then.
 Please, when reading the blog click follow, so you can follow, and I believe you will get emails every time I post a new. I am hoping for a following here, so I don't have to keep up the notes on FB, it is very hard to keep the blog & notes going, so PLEASE follow the blog!!
 Good night my friends!!!   XOXOX   KIMMY


  1. Kimmy...I really hope you are feeling better soon!!

  2. Nope Kimmy, no fantasy nights at our age girl! Not even a Fantasy night of just peace ,quiet and a good movie! LOL!! Glad you are doing much better.