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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Past Present & Future

 What a long day this has been, considering I haven't left the house or gotten out of my Jammies, my house needs a vacuuming, and cleaning, and being OCD, this is about to give me a stroke,...OK, bad humor!!
 My wording as better today, less scrambled, and I am a bit less tired.
 Tomorrow will be a big day, but, I am learning not to think about tomorrow, and just live for today. So, I will tell you about my day, and then what is in store for tomorrow!~
 It was a cold day in Phoenix, 90 last week 65 today, I rather enjoyed it, I am not what you would call a desert rat!
 If I told you how long it is taking me to write this you wouldn't believe me, I am re spelling, etc. Oh, the joys of a scrambled brain, sshhh... many of you are saying and that is new, how???
 A monumental thing happened today, My ex husband called me today, and we had a NICE talk, it has been ages, maybe since we were married that we have talked like that, we divorced 18 years ago, have 3 kids together & 2 grands, I feel so much better clearing the air with him, I wanted him to know some things, and my kids & grands to know some things, just encase. Yes, just encase, you never know, ans how many times do you say, I wish I got the opportunity to tell them....., well, I am making sure I am telling everyone, everything they need to know.
 MY uh, aka dh, was much better today, Yesterday, I don't think he knew how to process things, and we are talking about a man who has had a massive stroke & is brain damaged. SO, that made my life easier!~
 LOL, I have to laugh if I published this the way I am typing it, you would need a Russian interperter!! I know I spelt that wrong!
 I spoke on the phone today to all the husbands, kids, & dearest friends, and that was all I did, that meant the world to me, and I think we should all spend a day once a year where we do that, so people know what they really mean to us.
 Tomorrow morning, which is going to be quite the chore, part of my symptoms is sleepiness, and waking up is so hard, I have to be up by 8am, which to me is like 3am, and got for the ultra sound in my corroted artery, OOPS, there's another miss spelt word, if I have a blockage, I will need a stent, I got the impression it would be tomorrow, but, I am not sure, Say a prayer, next to come is the MRI on my brain & neck, and they are taking their sweet ole time setting those appointments up!!
 I am hoping to be blogging,, as I do every night, tomorrow, OK, I know a few of you are saying, Please take a night off!!! Letting you know the outcome of the day.
Even though it seems hard at times and like we are crumbling under the weight of our burdens, God is there holding us and helping us through...

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